Relocation Services

Turning relocation challenges into possibilities

Nimmersion has helped global talents to relocate and get settled since 1995. Our relocation services are based on experience and expertise, turning talent relocating challenges into possibilities. A smooth transition so employers can attract and retain the top global talent. 

Our relocation services include finding homes and schools, getting settled both practically and culturally, getting to know the new location, as well as departure services once the assignment in Sweden is over. When people get an easy and trouble-free relocation that allows them to focus on life and work, they get a better experience and can contribute more in their new work environment.

Nimmersion takes care of all the complex things, like the logistics, paperwork, and practicalities. But we can also assists with various others, like activities, shopping, food, and networking. We know that every individual is unique. That’s why our relocation services are customized to individual needs and preferences. We are passionate about helping global talents learn everything they need to know to feel right at home. We’d be happy to welcome your new talent with our comprehensive range of relocation services.

Relocation Services

  • Settling In

    Settling In

    Settling in a new country can be challenging for talents that relocate to a new job. Our settling in services help in making the process as seamless as possible.

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  • Home finding

    Home finding

    We offer a comprehensive housing service that eliminates the time-consuming tasks of finding a new home.

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  • Local Orientation

    Local Orientation

    Read and learn about how our tailored local orientation can help in letting your talent seamlessly adjust to Stockholm.

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  • Cultural Integration

    Cultural Integration

    Tailored guidance for a smooth transition: help your talent ease into Swedish culture with our Cultural Training Program.

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  • School Search

    School Search

    We introduce your international talent to schools in Sweden, helping them explore suitable options and assisting with applications, appointments, and forms.

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  • Corporate Service Apartment Booking

    Corporate Service Apartment Booking

    In the cases when temporary accommodation is needed, corporate-serviced apartments offer a more cost effective and comfortable alternative to a hotel room.

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  • Departure Services

    Departure Services

    When a talent’s time in Sweden concludes, we assist with everything involved in their departure.

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Try our bundled services

To cater to our client’s varying needs we offer Bundled Destination Services as well as Stand Alone services. We have put together a bundle of services appropriate for the young individuals moving on their and more extensive servies are needed for families. When order a Bundled program you can lean back and we will take the assignment from A to Z.

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