5 Reasons Why a Relocation Firm Can Help You Hire Foreign Workers Successfully

Due to various factors in recent years, remote and hybrid work setups have been adopted at a significantly accelerated pace. This work setup liberates employees from being tied to a specific office, city, or even country, while still allowing them to fulfill their job responsibilities. In fact, studies show that remote workers can be more productive by as much as 40% than their counterparts who work at offices. 

As a result of the increase of adoption of remote work setups, the concept of overseas recruitment has also gained considerable attention, especially with companies looking to hire from the overseas talent pool, and with individuals that are open to relocating to foreign countries.

This process presents challenges to both the employer and the relocating employee, ranging from something as complex as local labor law compliance, to practical aspects involved in moving from one country to another.

A relocation firm, however, can help in making the process as seamless as possible. Generally speaking, relocation firms provide specialized services that aid organizations or individuals themselves in the relocation process. Aside from being knowledgeable in local labor laws, capable relocation firms also assist the relocating professionals in settling into their new environment. With the help of a relocation firm, employees are able to ensure that the relocating employee, as well as their family, are able to receive the support they need as they transition to a new country.

Employing the help of a relocation firm in hiring professionals from overseas

If you are looking to hire professionals overseas for your company in Sweden, here are 5 reasons to employ the help of a relocation firm to make the process as smooth as possible:

  1. Easier handling of visas and permits

As mentioned earlier, relocating a professional overseas to your home country entails challenges for both you and the relocating professional, and securing visas and local permits is one of the biggest concerns in the relocation process. With the knowledge and expertise of relocation firms, however, this particular aspect can be addressed smoothly and minimize the risk of rejection. When employing the help of a relocation firm for the relocation process, they are generally responsible for taking care of the whole process, including the specifics, such as the renewal of permits and other legal documents. This is particularly important, as the newly-hired professional can be put at risk of deportation if the necessary papers and documents are not processed correctly.  

With the help of a relocation firm, HR professionals and relocating employees can be at ease, knowing that the company and the employees are compliant with local laws.

  1. Seamless relocation process

Aside from the legal side of the process, a relocation firm can also assist both the hiring company and the transferring professional in other aspects, such as arranging their accommodation according to their needs and preferences. The relocation firm can also take into account the family of the professional, if they are bringing along family members, or even pets.

Moreover, the relocation firm can also offer support in finding schools for children, provide guidance around getting electronic identification such as Bank-ID, making the process as seamless as possible for the transferring professional.

  1. Efficient and cost-effective relocation process

Navigating the complexities of relocation can not only be difficult and complicated, it can also be time-consuming. By seeking a relocation firm to help you with the whole process, you can save time, and as a result, resources and money as well.

With the time saved on the logistics of the process, your company can instead focus on allowing your new employee to adjust to their new workplace, giving them a favorable start.

  1. Minimizing risks throughout the process

It is important to note that aside from the challenges, the relocation process also poses risks. By skipping important steps or requirements in the process, or even something as simple as forgetting submission dates or missing appointments, the newly-hired professional is put at risk, which can also damage the reputation of the company hiring.

In this context, relocation and immigration firms have substantial experience in handling these challenges that can arise during the relocation, and can help immensely in minimizing the risks involved in the process and taking care of the well-being of the newly-hired professional.

  1. A sound and thorough cultural support

Finding a way to fit in and be a part of the new environment is vital for the well-being of the relocating employee. Even with all the paperwork and legal matters taken care of, both the professional and their family can still find it difficult to integrate themselves into their new country, given the cultural differences. In this regard, a relocation firm can help by offering cultural support, such as language and social practices courses. As mentioned earlier, if applicable, this type of support can also extend to helping children in finding the appropriate school that fits their needs.

By providing this type of support, your new employee and their family will feel very much welcomed and comfortable in their new environment, increasing your chances of establishing a healthy long-term working relationship.

These are just some of the ways an immigration and relocation firm can help companies and newly-hired professionals alike during the process. 

It is also important to note that relocation companies can also provide support and assistance during more nuanced and more specific scenarios, as the challenges and requirements can vary from case to case.

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Given the challenges presented by relocation both for employers and the new, transitioning employees themselves, seeking the help of an immigration and relocation firm can help in making the transition as streamlined and as seamless as possible. Nimmersion offers a full range of immigration and relocation services, with a senior team dedicated to providing a streamlined relocation process for your new employee and any accompanying family members. 

Leaving the relocation and immigration process to us allows you and your employee to transition smoothly without having to worry about the challenges and uncertainties of relocation. Moreover, partnering with a relocation firm also helps you stand out and provides you with an edge in attracting the perfect talents for your company!

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