immigration services

Immigration Services

immigration services

We make immigration easy for you and your talent

Nimmersion has helped global talents to relocate and get settled since 1995. As the first certified partner of the Swedish Migration Agency, we offer expert immigration services based on experience, expertise, and important partnerships. We provide comprehensive and professional immigration services that will swiftly guide you and your global talent through the challenges and the constantly changing laws and procedures of immigration. We will help your company to avoid any delays or missteps along the way so that you and your new talent can enjoy a fruitful collaboration together without any hassle.

Recruiting globally will give you the best possible talent, but visa applications, work permits, and other complex immigration procedures can become challenging aspects of your otherwise successful talent acquisition. Nimmersion’s immigration services guides HR-, and Talent Acquisition departments through all processes, making sure that all the required documentation is in the right place at the right time. We ensure that every step of the immigration procedure is done correctly and as fast as possible, so you and your new employee can relax and focus on creating success together.

Immigration Services

  • Visa and Work Permits

    Visa and Work Permits

    We manage the entire visa/permit process, including counseling, and notify you upon completion.

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  • Permanent Residence

    Permanent Residence

    International talents with 4 years of work experience in Sweden can apply for permanent residence. It requires employer sponsorship and a detailed process. We guarantee a correct and seamless application for…

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  • Permits for family

    Permits for family

    We assist with permits and visas for family members of your internationally recruited talent

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  • Swedish Citizenship

    Swedish Citizenship

    Is your employee seeking Swedish citizenship after 8 years with a residence permit? We simplify the application process, making it a joyful experience.

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  • Updating current work permits

    Updating current work permits

    Hiring someone with a Swedish work permit requires updates. Incorrect procedures can lead to deportation. We ensure a correct application to the Swedish Migration Agency, preventing such issues.

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  • Visa Exploration

    Visa Exploration

    When you recruit someone who already works in Sweden on a work permit, we help you check that all the visa requirements were met by the previous employer.

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  • Business Visa/Schengen Visa

    Business Visa/Schengen Visa

    We help you ensure that you are ready to seize business opportunities with the right visa in hand.

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Try our bundled services

We offer Bundled Destination Services and Stand Alone services to meet our clients’ diverse needs. Our bundled services are tailored for young individuals moving independently, while families may require more extensive support. With our Bundled program, you can relax as we handle the entire assignment from start to finish.

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