Choosing the Right Immigration Consultant For Transitioning Professionals

Moving a new employee to Sweden to work entails not only a significant adjustment to a new lifestyle for your new employee, but also a great deal of paperwork concerning work permits, visas, and other requirements. The government authorities is a necessary part of the process and not seldom there are delays.

These challenges, however, can be navigated more easily with the help and expert guidance of a relocation and immigration agency. Companies, HR professionals, Talent Acquisition teams and the employees themselves can benefit greatly from the services of an immigration consultant, as they can process all the requirements and necessary work permits, making the transition much more seamless for the individual relocating to the new country.

While it is common knowledge that new and relocating employees can benefit from the assistance of an immigration and relocation agency, it is also important to understand the factors in choosing an immigration consultant to ensure the quick and hassle-free transition of relocating professionals.

Understanding the role of an immigration consultant

Generally speaking, an immigration consultant works in a relocation and immigration agency and provides a range of services, with the goal of facilitating the relocation process and helping the individuals adapt to their new environment.

An immigration consultant helps with paperwork, including permits, while also handling practical tasks and providing support and guidance throughout the relocation process.

When choosing an immigration consultant, there are a few questions worth considering:

  • What experience and expertise does the immigration consultant have?
  • What is the reputation of the relocation agency?
  • Does the relocation company have a long track record of perfect applications?

In addition to experience and knowledge in the field, another aspect that sets good immigration consultants apart is a strong understanding of the law surrounding immigration. More importantly, immigration consultants must also be good communicators, as one of their main obligations is to make the relocating individuals feel calm and secure throughout the process.

Choosing the right immigration consultant is an important decision, and conducting a thorough research beforehand is a must. Reliable and competent consultants know their job well enough and understand the specific requirements that you, as an employer, are looking for when transferring and welcoming new employees on board. 

Ask a lot of questions, but also be prepared to provide a lot of information.

A more detailed look at the key functions of immigration consultants

When recruiting professionals from the international job market, employers must be aware of all the documents and requirements.

There are several ways that an immigration consultant can help navigate the rather complex process of moving to a new country. For example, a consultant can help with the visa application, as well as work and residence permits, both for EU and non-EU citizens.

Moreover, there are many different types of residence permits, each with their own criteria. These permits are granted by the Migration Agency and for an application to be approved, these must be completed and fulfilled correctly, and submitted right on time. 

Many relocation and immigration companies, such as Nimmersion, are certified partners of the Migration Agency and can offer a fast and seamless immigration process. With the help of immigration agencies, the whole process can take considerably less time to complete, instead of going on for up to several months if not years.

Once the work permit and visa have been acquired, the next step is finding housing for the applicant. A relocation and immigration consultant can provide the relocating professional with assistance, whether they will be renting a place or purchasing one. The consultant will also provide support on other settling in services, such as opening a bank account, obtaining a Swedish personal identity number or its equivalent, finding the appropriate insurance provider, and informing the newly-relocated employee on the healthcare system. If the employee chooses to bring their family with them, more support and assistance is needed in the new country to help the whole family settle in—this includes additional information on possible job opportunities for the accompanying partner, and how the school system works, for example.

A relocation and immigration consultant can also explain the cultural differences, as well as the local traditions. Everyday concerns, such as directions to the nearest grocery store, can also be addressed. 

These are just some of the ways a relocation and immigration consultant can help in making the transition process as smooth as possible for the relocating employee.

The importance of finding a competent and knowledgeable immigration consultant

As mentioned earlier, the importance of conducting a thorough research on immigration agencies is of utmost importance. Making the transition period in the new country, including your workplace, as smooth and efficient as possible for the newcomer requires in-depth planning before, during and after the relocation process, and a skilled and knowledgeable immigration consultant can help in making this possible.

When choosing an immigration consultant, it is important to ensure that the consultant has experience and knowledge that applies to the specific immigration situation. Check the consultant’s qualifications, but also examine the agency the consultant works for. What is their reputation? Are there any recommendations, reviews or references? It is equally, if not more, important to make sure that the consultant is efficient, reliable and available to answer questions.

Another factor that should be considered in choosing an agency and immigration consultant is the range of services that their organization can offer. 

If you, as a recruiting workplace, can offer different types of support and services in the form of a relocation package through a relocation capable agency, you will be able to position yourself as an attractive option on the international market. Doing so will also demonstrate your full commitment to your new employee’s well-being and success.

With thorough research, you can find an immigration consultant with the right experience, expertise, communication skills, and services that meet your specific needs and criteria. Once you have chosen the right consultant for you, it is also important to have a written contract that clearly outlines the terms of the agreement and pricing.

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With the challenges that relocation entails for new employees transition abroad, employers can help in making the process as seamless as possible by partnering with an experienced and capable immigration agency. Nimmersion offers a full range of immigration and relocation services, with a competent team dedicated to making the transition as smooth and as efficient as possible for the employee, as well as any accompanying family members. We can tailor our relocation packages and services to meet specific needs, while working closely with our customers. Additionally, our global network allows us to conveniently and successfully assist relocation of professionals to and from Sweden.

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