Our Easy Immigration For Work Permit package forms is designed to alleviate procedural burdens and maximize efficiency for companies that do not have the time or resources to tend to all the ancillary issues of a Swedish work permit application.

In essence, Easy Immigration is the optimal solution if you prefer that we handle the case from beginning to end. Laws and regulations in this area tend to change rapidly, but by adding Easy Immigration to your selected services you can rest assured that your company stays compliant. We specialize in staying on top of compliance curveballs and our legal expertise allows us to be creative problem-solvers so that your company doesn’t have to. Specifically, with the Easy Immigration bundle, we will:

  • Prepare Letter: Nimmersion will prepare the Offer of Employment – or Assignment Letter.
  • Advertising: Nimmersion will advertise the position with Platsbanken/Eures
  • Opinion from Union: Nimmersion will obtain an opinion regarding the terms of employment from the union.
  • Register SWEA/Posted Workers Directive: Nimmersion will register the position with S.W.E.A.
  • Reporting to Tax Office: Nimmersion will notify the Tax Office of the legal status of the foreign employee.
  • Guidance on Swedish Holiday Act
  • Guidance on Insurance Cover & introduction to solutions. 
  • Advice on Visa Options