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We understand that executives and their families require personal, flawless service in their relocation. That’s why Nimmersion is proud to offer our VIP Living service, providing an exceptional level of personal attention customized to the needs of the entire family.

When the Family Moves Forward, the Executive Can Move Forward

Relocating executive impacts the entire family. One of the main goals of the VIP Living service is to ensure family happiness and to make sure everyone adapts well - setting the executive up for success. We do that by alleviating the pain points with world-class service all the way through.

VIP Living is our most comprehensive service. It includes:

  • Local Orientation: We provide executives a personal relocation consultant who plans a pre-visit tour based on their interests, needs and what matters most to them. We offer local knowledge to help the family know what to expect and what to look for as they plan their move to Sweden. We also help them understand neighborhoods, areas for living, schools, recreational facilities, shopping, and anything else that may be helpful.
  • Accompanied Home Hunting: Our relocation consultants find out important needs executives and their families may have when searching for a home. We provide a current guide to rent costs and help them identify possible homes based on their budget, needs and market conditions. We monitor the rental market, schedule viewings of properties, and accompany them to viewings. Finally, we negotiate terms and set up the lease agreement.
  • Property Inspection: Before move-in, Nimmersion will conduct a superficial inspection of the property. Our relocation consultant will make sure the correct condition of the property is well documented. This helps avoid extra costs and confusion over damages when it comes time to move out.
  • Utility Survey & Set-Up: We will arrange for a transfer of pre-existing utilities (e.g. electricity, water, gas, sewage, internet, and residential parking if applicable.) We will arrange for the best possible utilities to be functional upon arrival.
  • Civic Registration: The relocation consultant will accompany the visit to the tax authority for population registry and obtaining personal identification number (PIN) or co-ordinational number.
  • Bank Service:  Nimmersion consultants assist employees in obtaining a full service bank account. Employees must qualify according to the bank’s policies.
  • International School Search: Nimmersion’s will inform the family on available options for International schools.
    • Work Permit: This is required for NON-EU CITIZENS only.

90 Day Unlimited Settling-In Service

The first 90 days are an important time for an executive on the job. It can be challenging for the executive at work if anyone in the family is struggling in the new environment. That’s whyNimmersion stays in close contact with the family during this time to help the family acclimate. Once physically settled, we help executives and their families make the transition to Sweden as smooth as possible. From questions about traffic rules, to how to find nurseries in the neighborhood, we provide the right information and guidance to help everyone successfully adjust to their new city.

Welcome Home!

We love helping ex-pats learn everything they want to know about their new city. Our exclusive content in our Support Pages offers facts, details, and local tips that will help them learn all about living in Sweden. They’ll feel right at home before they know it.

Nimmersion is all over the world!

We offer a full range of immigration and relocation services. In fact, Nimmersion is part of a unique, global network that reaches remote areas of the world. Simply let us know the location, and we can help from there too!

We’d be happy to welcome your employees - or help them return home - all over the world.