Temporary Accommodation

Short Term (Less Than One Year)

“Where am I going to live?” can be a more difficult question to answer for someone on an international assignment for less than one year. Our Temporary Accommodation Service takes over the time consuming tasks of finding short term housing - so employees can focus on the job at hand rather than worrying about locating temporary housing and negotiating a lease.

Short term housing often requires flexibility and special arrangements to be made. To locate a cost effective solution, we often source properties on the rental market if we are unable to find a property on the Corporate Service accommodation market.

The Temporary Accommodation Service takes place over several days, with one day of accompanied home viewings. It includes the following stages:

  • Needs Assessment: Our relocation consultants find out what’s important employees when searching for a new home, and they help guide employees to the best home for them, given their budget, needs and market conditions. We help the employee understand the home rental market and provide a current guide to rent costs.
  • Property Scheduling: We will monitor the rental market, present the best options available and schedule viewings of the properties of interest.
  • Accompanied Viewings: Nimmersion staff will accompany the client to the viewings, translate, and provide advice about the properties.
  • Lease Implementation: We negotiate terms and set up the lease agreement between the landlord and the company.
  • Property Inspection: Before move-in, Nimmersion will conduct a superficial inspection of the property. Our relocation consultant will make sure the correct condition of the property is well documented. This helps avoid extra costs and confusion over damages when it comes time to move out.
  • Key coordination: We will coordinate keys, alarm codes, and passwords to make sure everything is transferred correctly and conveniently.
  • Customer Support Pages: The Temporary Accommodation service includes access to our Customer Support Pages that provide comprehensive information about the area from a local point of view.

Welcome Home!

We love helping ex-pats learn everything they want to know about their new city. Our exclusive content in our Support Pages and Facebook Page offers facts, details, and local tips that will help them learn all about living in Sweden. They’ll feel right at home before they know it.

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