Accompanied Home Finding • Property Inspection • Utilities Set-Up • Civic Registration • Bank Service

Hassle-free relocations mean greater productivity. Our Smooth Arrival service frees up employees from the complexities of moving to a new country, so they can focus on their work with complete peace of mind.

Set Them Up for Success

Smooth Arrival is ideal for both couples and singles who need additional support with the logistics. Our relocation consultants provide hands-on assistance, from the home search process all the way to setting up utilities. Here’s what’s included:

  • Accompanied Home Hunting:
    • One day of on-site home hunting is included in the service. Our relocation consultants find out what’s important to employees when searching for a new home, and they help guide employees to the best home for them, given their budget, needs, and market conditions.
    • The personal consultant will help the employee understand the home rental market and provide a current guide to rent costs
    • We monitor the rental market, schedule viewings of properties, accompany the transferee to viewings, negotiate terms, and set up the lease agreement.
  • Property Inspection: Before move-in, Nimmersion will conduct a superficial inspection of the property. Our relocation consultant will make sure the correct condition of the property is well documented. This helps avoid extra costs and confusion over damages when it comes time to move out.
  • Utilities Set-Up: The relocation consultant will facilitate setting up the utilities for a comfortable stay in the new home.
  • Civic Registration: A personal visit to the tax authority for population registry and obtaining personal identification number (PIN) or co-ordinational number. Guidance to National ID card.
  • Bank Service: It's getting increasingly difficult to open bank accounts before the Swedish Personal Number is issued and the National ID card has been produced. Nimmersion will help, as far as possible, to get a bank account sooner which is helpful for receiving a salary and paying bills. 
    • Work Permit: This is required for NON-EU CITIZENS only.

Welcome Home!

We love helping ex-pats learn everything they want to know about their new city. Our exclusive content in our Support Pages offers facts, details, and local tips that will help them learn all about living in Sweden. They’ll feel right at home before they know it.

Nimmersion is all over the world!

We offer a full range of immigration and relocation services. In fact, Nimmersion is part of a unique, global network that reaches into remote areas of the world. Simply let us know the location, and we can help from there too!

We’d be happy to welcome your employees - or help them return home - all over the world.