Your goal is to help your new talent (and their family, if needed) move and set up their household in Sweden quickly, efficiently, and with as little stress as possible because you need them to be productive in their new position. But, while delays in the Swedish government immigration process are widely expected, the challenging and time consuming nature of the personal relocation of foreign staff members could overlooked. Our guide for HR Managers will help prepare your company and your transfers (expats) for a successful relocation to Sweden.


Perfecting Your Global Mobility Policy

Is your global mobility policy working for or against you?

The word global can imply the same cookie-cutter concept works in many different markets. Yet even a Big Mac is not exactly the same in every country in the world, and McDonald's adds menu items regionally to appeal to local tastes. But there’s a glitch here. Standardized one-size-fits-all policies don't work for mobility programs. Individual needs, different countries, norms, nationalities, and governments vary too much. What is perfectly normal and works well in one country simply doesn’t always work well in another. Trying to get a clear picture of the cost of sending an employee abroad beforehand is also very difficult since things are in constant motion.

Overseas relocation: What management needs to know

Growth in global mobility and talent management within multinational firms means more talented people than ever are moving to countries like Sweden for work. Hurdles like housing, relocation logistics, immigration laws, and the lack of onboarding that includes assimilating to a foreign office culture can make an overseas relocation challenging for employees. As you work through the process to help your talent relocate successfully, keep in mind seven areas you'll need to keep your upper management informed about.

4 reasons why Swedish companies should employ more foreign experts

We have a lot to offer foreign recruits and much to sell about Sweden if you are thinking about bringing in foreign talent to accelerate company growth and stability in today's global economy. It's a win-win for both sides. Beyond specific talent needs, let's look at what's in it for you and your company.

What you must know when recruiting staff to Sweden

As a Global Mobility Manager, there are important things you need to know when sending staff to Sweden. Managerial styles may be a match; however, if work styles differ greatly there could be challenges down the road. Finding a talent that mixes well in their new environment is as essential as the skills you are looking for.

Worried that your local team will fall apart during recruitment?

If you are recruiting talent outside of Sweden, you may have worries about the reliability of the timelines posted on the Migration Agency’s website as they don’t always coincide with your experience. And you know that a delay in bringing new talent in to ease the burden on your local team only adds to their stress. Let's look at the reasons why — and what HR can do.

6 tips: How to win at your next Swedish relocation assignment

HR may have financial and logistical challenges when providing corporate relocation services to Sweden for employees. While the budget may be slim, there are many solutions to save money and still provide solid value to employees who are moving across borders. Here are 6 tips to help you win at your next Swedish relocation assignment.

What you Need to Know About Housing in Sweden

What HR needs to know about the Swedish rental market

A practical guide to Swedish rental law and the Swedish housing market can be useful for HR managers, signatories, and global legal departments who send or receive employees to Sweden and provide staff with corporate housing. We answer the most common questions.

What you should tell your transfer about renting in Stockholm

Most Swede’s agree, finding accommodation in Stockholm can be challenging. The extremely regulated housing market and high demand for homes in Stockholm makes this task daunting. You are likely concerned about providing your expat with a new home on a timely schedule, that is comfortable and affordable. Here are our tips on how to make this happen. Download our Stockholm housing guide. This guide will share important facts and rental prices for apartments in Stockholm and surrounding areas. Show this to your transferee so they understand the market in advance.

Reasons your employees can't find a place to Live

Sweden's housing situation is challenging. If you are helping your new transfer find a place to live you will most likely come across one or more of these roadblocks. From our years of experience, we will illustrate what to watch out for, and give ideas on how to navigate the housing maze to support your new hire.

Download a free Stockholm Housing Guide

Helping Your Transfer Move to (or from) Sweden

Why it’s harder for HR to manage expats in Sweden

Expats are a breed of their own. They are braver, they possess a set of skills that are sought after, not only in their own country, but in others as well. Expats are usually recruited by Global Mobility Recruiters who have done a lot of research, Skype interviews, testings, and overseas trips to meet them. The stakes are higher than when you recruit someone around the corner. Expats also need more support than a local hire.

How to convince your new employees to come to Sweden

Being a Swedish company, we are quite biased on how wonderful Sweden is. However, there are truly so many things that set Sweden apart from other countries worldwide as an amazing country to live and work. Here are some fun facts you can share with your new employees to make them feel comfortable and excited about their new move.

What are the traits your expat needs for job success in Sweden?

Before anything else, if an expat wants job success in Sweden they should be willing to try out new ways of doing things. In expatriate life, this is the very first step to success. He or she must accept that they’re moving to a new environment and that the people they’ll be interacting with see things differently. He or she must also be prepared to learn and adapt to those new ways because at the end of the day they have a task to accomplish; sometimes it will mean getting out of their comfort zones.

Tips to help your transferee with their move to Sweden

You are your transferee’s main contact during their transition to Sweden. They will look to you to make them feel welcomed and comfortable. This most often begins by helping to settle them in a new home in Sweden. Moving can be highly stressful and your new employee will definitely appreciate all the help and support they can get.  Our moving tips below mainly pertain to rental move-ins, however, some may apply as well if you are helping with a transition to a newly purchased home. We will also review ideas on how to prepare for the big transition by packing smartly. This will contribute to the amount of ease your transfer will feel upon arrival and their first few weeks in Sweden.

HR hacks to help cross border employees be productive

Working in HR, you have the chance to make a world of difference. You can make your employees feel taken care of and help them transition well into their new work life, allowing them to be productive from an early stage. Remember your first day on the job? Fun, confusing, nerve wrecking and being really tired at the end of the day? Imagine doing that in a new country that you’ve just moved to, with a new language to learn and a ton of uncertainty about how working and living in this foreign place will be.

Schools in Sweden: How to help your transfer choose

Each family, and each expat child is unique and so only they will know how to choose the right school. One of the biggest stressors will most certainly be: where will my children go to school? The answer to this question will require much research and self-inquiry on the part of the parents. Though 87% of expatriate policies include provisions for education, much of the burden for the basic research to find the perfect institution to foster their child’s learning is placed on the parents. We have come up with a list of questions that can help your transferring family reach the best decision on how to find the right school for their children.

Expats need as much support as we can give

Expats risk everything to leave their home country to move to Sweden for their career. The culture gap between Sweden and their home country is often very large. This can cause unique challenges in addition the usual ones for new hires. For new hires to give their best to their host company, it is crucial that they have the full support of their HR department. What does “full support” mean?

5 tips for your expat’s success in Sweden

Sending an employee to Sweden can be a big undertaking with lots of tasks and legal details to consider. But the most important goal on your mind is probably the success of your expat. In this piece, we will give you some tips to ensure the success of your expat's move to Sweden.

Help your transfer leave Sweden safely

Returning home can be difficult. We have done many departures from Sweden and have noticed that there are crucial items that are often overlooked by returning expats. For HR, it is good to remember that these details of your transfer’s departure are just as important as their arrival arrangements.

Helping Your Transfer Enhance a Productive Team in Sweden

How HR can prepare foreign hires for work success in Sweden

The hidden clues to thriving in the Swedish workplace can be easy to miss. The expat may hesitate to ask questions for fear of seeming incompetent. A majority of the expat stars we have surveyed are very focused on making their transfer a great move. While they yearn for the tools to succeed, sometimes they meet cultural roadblocks. Of course, “You don’t know what you don’t know” is a challenge since some customs and behaviors in a new country just seem strange. At times, how Swedes place a value on certain ways of communicating and problem solving just can’t be guessed.

5 Swedish values your expat should know about

Many transferees take more time settling into their new lives in Sweden than they, and Swedish HR, anticipate. This is frequently due to the fact that new employees are surprised at how different life in Sweden is from their home country. The qualities that characterize Swedes are woven throughout every aspect of daily life, including time at the office. Swedes are very hard working. They also value family and personal time. Swedes are dependable, punctual and cost conscious. Knowing how these values translate to the work environment can be incredibly helpful to job success, and the overall happiness of your new employee.

What HR can do about happiness in the office

Happy employees who have a great time outside the office are more productive, and will also stay with the company longer. Many HR experts are daunted by the prospect of feeling responsible for the happiness of new employees in their free time. They are already spending a lot of energy on creating a wonderful workplace for employees. Here are some easy happiness life hacks that you can spread around the office.

Working with a Relocation Agency (3)

Pros and cons of inhouse relocation companies

Recruiting talent from abroad is becoming more and more common as corporate needs are changing faster than educational institutions can provide employees with needed skills. Sweden and Swedish companies are certainly widening their net to find skilled workers beyond the national borders. We will share with you the pros and cons and resources you need to provide in-house relocation services effectively.

9 ways to work most effectively with your Swedish relocation agency

If you are new to working with a relocation company to bring a new hire to Sweden, you may be overwhelmed with all the details and unsure how the partnership will work best to benefit your transfer. We have been helping HR teams relocate new hires for over 20 years. We have lots of tips on how to make the partnership a win-win. Here are our 9 top recommendations for working effectively with a Swedish relocation company.

Tips for hiring a corporate relocation company

Global Mobility professionals will find that the learning curve needs to be steep. Surprisingly, we often hear “If I had known that there was help available, I would have called right away.” Global Mobility issues often come upon HR in the form of emergencies and there is little time to dig deep into the issues at hand. Don’t worry though, there is help to be found so you can stay on an even keel. Before you engage a relocation firm for all, or parts of the chores ahead, there are some questions you might take into consideration.


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