Having a positive tenant/landlord relationship is important! That’s why we share these important tips for a pleasant experience and a stress free move.

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Laundry Hints

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  • Put your name on the door. You don’t need to notify the post office that you have moved in. They will find you.
  • Out of consideration for your neighbors, understand the rules for your laundry room.
  • If there is a door code with a personal doorbell, ask the landlord how to add your name.
  • If you want cable TV, you will usually find information about the providers to the building in the entrance of the apartment building.
  • Your lease states that you are responsible for the condition of the property. If you or anyone else breaks or damages something during the lease period, you will be held accountable at the end of the lease. Please go through the apartment and check for pre-existing conditions. If something isn’t working - for instance the dishwasher, or a kitchen cabinet door is hanging loose on its hinges - make a note of it and inform the owner! Unless you document these issues you may be held responsible at the end of the lease. We will assist you with this during your move-in inspection.
  • If you are having a party, notify your neighbors well in advance (flats only). A note in the mailbox is sufficient. Helpful hint - If you invite your neighbors to the party they are less likely to complain You are expected to be quiet after 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends, although these (usually) unwritten rules differ from building to building.
  • Ask your landlord for a list of service companies for the property.
  • Your landlord should provide manuals and warranties for appliances in the home. If you do not have the manuals, google the name and brand of the appliance and you should find one.

How to be a good tenant.

  • Take care of your rented property as you would your own.
  • Pay your rent on time without a reminder.
  • If you vacate your property early, keep it presentable and available for viewings for new prospective tenants. You are required by law to allow viewings. As an extra goodwill measure, keep the property clean during this time.
  • Inform your landlord about any concerns or issues that may need attention. Damages that are left unattended get worse and get more expensive to correct.
  • Be a pleasant and considerate neighbor. Some Stockholm buildings have thin walls. Think of your neighbors below. For example, walk softly, inform them by a note in the mailbox before having a larger gathering.
  • Understand the rules of the laundry room. Leave it tidy and respect the time you have scheduled.
  • Hire a professional cleaning company when you leave, as you’ll l have a lot more to handle than you expected. Spend your time saying goodbye to friends and avoid the stress of last minute cleaning. If you have a problem with the return of a deposit, it’s often due to disappointment over cleaning issues. A cleaning company can be sent back in order to finalize a good cleaning.
  • Do not get a pet without asking the landlord for permission. Many Swedes have allergy problems, more so than in any country in Europe. Pets can pose a health problem for someone when they move back into their apartment at the end of a lease. It can be easier to get permission for a dog over a cat, as fewer people are allergic to dogs.
  • You should not lend or sublet your rented property without the written permission of the landlord. Should you do so, the landlord risks losing his firsthand lease or being forced to sell his property, as it is a breach of the building association’s rules.