HR often struggle with absenteeism and overall health issues delaying project putting strains on teams. So, when having a team where some have recently done a cross-border move staying healthy, establishing new habits is more important than ever. Healthy Relocation is an interactive online holistic health program that will motivate your employees to take steps to feel good and perform at their peak effectiveness.

We help increase afternoon productivity, communication, creativity, and enthusiasm.

Healthy Relocation can help you inspire your employees to improve in these areas. This program is especially effective for someone who is relocating and is a new hire in your firm.

This program includes education on meditation and mindfulness to promote inner peace for greater communication at your office, morning rituals & goal setting for clarity and effectiveness and loads of wellness information for peak performance and lower absenteeism. The training is released in 12 weekly modules including beautiful illustrations, videos, resource links, and handouts.

Help your transferee get off to the best possible start

Healthy relocations will improve your well-being and focus.

Special introductory offer of a free extra module: How to survive your first month of the job – a toolkit.

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