Government Compliance • Mail Forwarding • Meter Reading • Facilitate Utility Accounts • Move Management • Property Inspection • Key Transfer • Handover to Partner

We’re here to help when employees have completed their assignments in Sweden. We know the transition back home can be complicated. That’s why Nimmersion offers Swift Departure Assistance to facilitate a hassle-free move home.

We really enjoy what we do. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with helping our clients and being a part of their experience in Sweden. We want our clients to finish their time in Sweden on a positive note and feel their time was both enriching and valuable.

Leave the fine points to us! We prepare employees for an uncomplicated move and keep them compliant with authorities. Swift Departure includes:

  • Government Compliance: Nimmersion will notify the tax authority, population registry, and other relevant authorities of the conclusion of the assignment in Sweden. We will prepare any necessary paperwork for the employee’s signature.
  • Work Permit: This applies to NON-EU CITIZENS only. We will notify authorities that the assignment has ended and prepare any necessary paperwork.
  • Mail Forwarding: Nimmersion will facilitate having the employee’s mail forwarded to the proper address.
  • Electricity Meter Reading: We will order the final electricity bill and read the water meter at the final property inspection.
  • Close Utility Accounts: We will expedite the closing of relevant utility accounts such as cable TV, internet, insurance, etc.
  • Move Management: Leave the details of the move to us! We will obtain quotes from moving companies, order a cleaning service, and double-check the cleaning was completed properly.
  • Property Inspection: When a joint walk-through with both tenant and landlord is preferred, we will attend the inspection of the property after your household goods and cleaning services have completed their tasks.
  • Key Handling: We will hand over the key to the landlord.
  • Handover to Partner: We will, if desired, arrange a smooth handover to a relocation partner in our global network.

Bon Voyage!

We’re in the business of helping our clients depart smoothly and swiftly. To help facilitate a successful transition home, the exclusive content in our Support Pages offers useful tips on the repatriation process.