Settling In Service
Customized to the Family’s Needs

Once physically settled, we help employees and their families make the transition to Sweden as smooth as possible. From questions about traffic rules, to how to find nurseries in the neighborhood, we provide the right information and guidance to help everyone in the family successfully adjust to their new city.

Every family is different. That’s why Nimmersion’s Settling In Service is customized to the family’s needs. We provide the expertise and resources to keep everything under control and to make adjusting to life in Sweden a smooth journey.

Nimmersion will provide settling-in services on a daily basis. Meetings can be both in-person and through desktop assistance. The following tasks are the most often requested services:

  • Civic registration.
  • Bank account set up.
  • Getting a national ID card.
  • Utilities assistance.
  • Insurance information for property/household goods and auto.
  • Activities for adults and children.
  • Assistance with bill paying.
  • Health care system overview.
  • Facilitate address change with authorities.
  • Facilitate signing up with the social welfare insurance office.
  • Assistance in locating doctors, shopping, places of worship, and specialty foods.
  • Introduction to nationality-specific and other networking groups

Welcome Home!

We love helping ex-pats learn everything they want to know about their new city. Our exclusive content in our Support Pages offers facts, details, and local tips that will help them learn all about living in Sweden. They’ll feel right at home before they know it.

Nimmersion is all over the world!

We offer a full range of immigration and relocation services. In fact, Nimmersion is part of a unique, global network that reaches remote areas of the world. Simply let us know the location, and we can help from there too!

We’d be happy to welcome your employees - or help them return home - all over the world.