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We understand that selecting a school is a big decision. It requires a lot of research and important considerations. Expatriates need to decide if they want the diversity of an international school or to immerse their children in the culture of a local school.

There are several questions that parents should ask when considering schools, such as:

  • Is the faculty accustomed to working with children from various countries?
  • What is the curriculum and how does it compare to your home country’s education system?
  • Is there a waiting list, and what are the steps to apply?

We help parents make this decision confidently with the Nimmersion School Search Service.

  • Knowledgeable and Accurate Information: Nimmersion has a long history of helping expatriates select a school for their children. We truly know the International schools and can offer insight behind the website and glossy brochures. We can help provide a better picture of the schools and the overall philosophy.
  • School Visit Appointments: An important step is to visit schools personally in advance to gain a personal understanding of their attitudes, philosophies, and faculty. Nimmersion will book appointments with the international schools that parents would like to visit.
  • Application Procedure: There are different processes for applying to international and local schools. Nimmersion will help facilitate applications to international schools and will guide parents through the application process of local schools.
  • Local Expertise: We provide parents valuable local insight into our local schools. Based on the needs of the family, Nimmersion will present local school options including availability, educational focus, and suitability.
  • Customer Support Pages: The School Search service includes access to our Customer Support Pages that provide comprehensive information about the area from a local point of view.

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