Bank Contact for Mortgage • Introductory Advice Meeting • Property Selection • Non-Accompanied Viewings • Review Sales Contract

Purchasing real estate in a new country can be complicated. That’s why it’s helpful to seek the advice of a trusted local professional. To avoid many of the pitfalls that can happen when purchasing a home abroad, Nimmersion offers the Home-Buying Light Service.

The process consists of five basic stages, occurring over several days.

  • Bank Contact for Mortgage: Nimmersion will arrange a bank contact for mortgage commitment.
  • Introductory AdviceMeeting: Nimmersion will sit down with the transferee to help the transferee understand the local real estate market and offer information on the area, pricing, and historical data. We will also provide information on:
    • Swedish auction procedures
    • Glossary of important terms
    • Internet search assistance
    • How to handle realtors, bidding, closings, etc.
  • Property Selection: We will help the transferee analyze the available properties on the market.
  • Non-Accompanied Viewings: The employee will conduct home viewings on their own.
  • Sales Contract Review: We will review the actual sales contract to make sure it’s correct. In addition, we will make sure the transferee understands the terms of the sales contract and help clarify anything if necessary.

Customer Support Pages:

The Home Buying Light service includes access to our Customer Support Pages that provide comprehensive information about the area from a local point of view.

Welcome Home!

We love helping ex-pats learn everything they want to know about their new city. Our exclusive content in our Support Pages offers facts, details, and local tips that will help them learn all about living in Sweden. They’ll feel right at home before they know it.

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