Change in the Swedish Migration Model

The Migration Agency in Sweden Does A Makeover

Swedish Migration Agency Gears Up: Senior Case Officers Go Above and Beyond

As the Swedish Migration Agency embarks on a transformative journey, senior case officers are demonstrating unparalleled dedication by working weekends in anticipation of the upcoming New Model, set to launch in 2024.

The Rise of the New Model

Sweden has always been at the forefront of welcoming migrants, recognizing the invaluable contribution they make to the nation’s socio-economic fabric. With the announcement of the New Model for 2024, the Swedish Migration Agency is preparing to revolutionize its immigration processes, ensuring they remain efficient, transparent, and in line with the evolving needs of the modern world.

This proactive approach reflects the Agency’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence. However, as with any change, there comes a period of transition and adaptation.

Addressing the Legacy Cases

One of the pressing concerns that the Agency aims to address is the backlog of legacy cases that fall outside the fast track. These cases, primarily from late 2021 and early 2022, represent applications and permits that have been pending for extended periods. 

The decision to focus on these legacy cases highlights the Agency’s determination to ensure no case is left behind, no matter how old. The efforts of senior case officers, who have voluntarily chosen to work extra hours during the weekends, speak volumes about their commitment to the cause.

The Challenge of Dependent Permits

Another significant challenge that the Swedish Migration Agency is actively addressing is the long waiting times associated with dependent permits. Families and loved ones play a crucial role in the well-being and success of migrants, and a prolonged separation can be distressing. By acknowledging this challenge and actively working on it, the Agency sends a strong message about its holistic approach to migration — recognizing it’s not just about the individual, but about communities and families too.


As the Swedish Migration Agency prepares to usher in a new era of immigration processes with the 2024 New Model, the dedicated efforts of its team members, particularly senior case officers, are commendable. Their commitment to ensuring a smooth transition, addressing old cases, and working through the backlog will ensure that the new model is a success. 

The Nimmersion team is dedicated to continuing to strive for excellence as we are still a partner to the Migration Agency and our aim is to make both the lives of the case officers and the applicants easier.

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