Global Talent Solutions: Immigration Services for Business Growth

Did you know that good immigration services are key to hiring the best international talent who will help your business grow? Companies all over the world are currently struggling with a talent shortage. However, recruiting international talent is not only a great solution to solve the shortage issues as it will provide other benefits too. It will give your company access to a much larger and more diverse talent pool. Ensuring you get the best possible talent which in turn, will help with the company’s productivity and growth.

While hiring global talent will give your company a strategic advantage, there can also be challenges attached. Visa applications, work permits, and similar complex immigration procedures, can become obstacles for your talent acquisition. By using professional immigration services, you can instead turn those challenges into a smooth transition for your international new employees. Here is how.

Employing global talent – a win‑win for everyone

According to a recent Deloitte survey, chief executives’ main concern is talent requisition. 71 percent of the CEOs cite skills shortage as their top external challenge. There’s a race for talent, and many employers are unfortunately losing that race. With a high demand for skilled talent, many organisations fail to meet their business goals. But the talent shortage can also lead to productivity problems; lack of innovation; high employee turnover; and deteriorating customer relations.

This is why many organisations are focusing more and more on global mobility and on recruiting international talent. A strategy that is creating many opportunities for both companies and employees. As it turns out, there are many talents all over the world that are ready to relocate for work opportunities in a new country. By 2025, Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce. This group is driven by wanderlust and an appetite for working internationally. 59 percent of them are willing to work abroad, as well as wanting to be part of international assignments during their career.

Nevertheless, this growing global talent mobility is not the only answer to the request for talent acquisition. There are many more advantages.

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How recruiting global talent is a factor for growth

International recruiting is undoubtedly a good solution to tackle the skill shortage problem. Yet, it can also enhance a company’s possibility for growth and overall competitiveness in the market. If your HR team can reach and attract individuals from other countries, it may give your organisation advantages. Such as a more diverse overall competence; wider cultural perspectives, which help reaching more customers and markets; a higher level of creativity and innovation; and valuable networks, to reach international markets and investors.  Some of the benefits of global mobility and recruiting are:

  • Wide expertise. Global talents come from diverse backgrounds. Often they have an education and certain skills that don’t even exist in your local market. When your company is hiring global talent, you get access to a larger set of skills, knowledge, and experience. It can be everything from niche industry knowledge, to experience from advanced technologies. However, it will give your company an advantage, and accelerate its growth and overall development.
  • Broad market reach. With a multilingual workforce it is easier to communicate with international partners and clients. Cultural diversity also makes it easier to understand different markets and what customers with other backgrounds need and want. International talents often bring their unique networks with them as they start in your organisation. These can become new and valuable connections used for discovering fresh leads and partnerships.
  • Diversity. Having an international team helps attract talent that value diverse and inclusive workplaces. This can strengthen your employer brand, and make it easier to recruit the best and most suitable talent in the future. Getting the right person for the job will also lead to a higher level of engagement and workplace satisfaction In turn this will boost productivity while at the same time lowering employee turnover.

Hiring for diversity is hiring for innovation and growth

When your company is encouraging diversity and inclusion, it is also fuelling innovation. Something which has become vital for success in today’s rapidly changing business world. Embracing diversity is not only the right thing to do, it’s a strategic advantage.

“Diverse and inclusive cultures are providing companies with a competitive edge over their peers.” This was the conclusion when The Wall Street Journal examined the diversity and inclusion among S&P 500 companies. A realisation that is repeatedly backed by numbers. Diversity Matters Even More, the recent fourth report from McKinsey, is investigating the business case for diversity. It shows a 39 percent increased likelihood of outperformance for companies with high ethnic representation, versus those with a low. Companies with high diversity also show an average 27 percent financial advantage over others.

While working with an international team you will get diverse perspectives which can improve both problem‑solving and decision‑making. Especially while finding new solutions to your challenges. Ideas are created by people, and diversity among these people will thereby lead to more creative and innovative ideas. Hiring global talent, and giving them the immigration services they need, will unlock new levels of innovation for your company.

Immigration services – the key to successfully recruiting global talent

There are many opportunities associated with hiring talent from other countries However, there can also be challenges. Most HR functions are focused on the domestic market, and often lack the understanding and the capacity it takes to relocate employees from abroad. Among the challenges when hiring global talent are: visa and work permit requirements; and how to navigate the immigration procedures. These are a necessary part of the process, but not understanding them fully can lead to unneeded delays.

If the immigration process is too complicated and is taking too long, the acquired international talent may be lost. As there is a possibility that the talent becomes impatient; goes with another option instead; or opts out altogether. That’s why immigration services are so important regarding recruitment and relocation of global talent. Many HR and Talent Acquisition teams choose to work with relocation and immigration companies which have proven expertise to handle such challenges.

The Migration Agency is introducing a new “model” in 2024 so it’s even more important to hand in perfect applications. Nimmersion was the first company to be certified for the fast track back in 2011, and still has a very good relationship with the Migration Agency, and customers benefit from our know-how and expertise. We can help with miscellaneous immigration services and offer a fast and seamless immigration process that will take considerably less time to complete. This prevents a dragged‑out process that could last for up to several months – years even. For the company this means a possibility to differentiate itself, and attract the absolute top international talents by giving them the immigration support they need.

Attracting global talent is crucial to your growth and innovation. Meanwhile, taking advantage of immigration services is crucial to the successful employment of international staff. When you can make the transition smoother for your new talent to relocate to a new country, the sooner they can start working and adding new value to their new workplace.

Nimmersion, founded in 1995, consists of a strong, competent team who offers a full range of immigration and relocation services. Our team guide HR-, and Talent Acquisition departments through various, complex processes, making sure all required documentation is in the right place at the right time. We ensure that every step of the immigration procedure is done correctly and as fast as possible, so you and your new employee can relax and focus on creating mutual success. If you need help or guidance regarding immigration services, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us here!

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