International employee transitions require an up-to-the-minute expertise in immigration practices around the globe. Any number of paperwork or timing glitches can easily grind placement to a halt. When you anticipate the sticking points and navigate the myriad details correctly, you can lay the foundation to enable your staff to hit the ground running, not delayed and harried by international paperwork blizzards, housing issues, and cultural whiplash. It’s a labyrinthine process. Here’s how it’s done.


How to Safely Bring Your New Hire to Sweden

You have heard horror stories about bringing new talent to Sweden, whether they are European or from farther afield. Here are the 7 first essential steps to take.


Immigration Challenges in Sweden for Startups and Emerging Businesses

Tech startups and emerging businesses in Sweden often publicly complain about the lengthy immigration process and its challenges when they are sourcing talent outside Europe. They believe the Swedish immigration process hinders their growth. Why?

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Immigration Questions HR Have Every Year in August

The most common HR questions each August: “When can we expect our work permits to clear? We are worried since the start date is in August.” We always reach out to the Migration Agency during the spring to ask them if they will be able to honor their commitment to uphold the processing time for work permits. As usual, due to the summer staff coverage issue, the timelines have not been kept.



Why Your Work Permit Holders Need a Residence Card Before Entry

It is widely known that all non-EU nationals need a work permit to enter and work in Sweden. By the time an application is approved, excited employers have already waited a long time for the help and expertise their new hire will bring to the table. BUT here's the glitch - not as widely known is how important it is for your new talent to get their Residence Permit Card before entering Sweden.

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The Impact of Summer Shutdowns While Transferring Employees to Sweden

With the exception of the tourist industry, most European businesses have long summer breaks. Sweden and the Nordic countries take large portions of July off, while other European companies tend to choose August for their extended vacations. In general though, productivity slows down from the end June through most of August throughout Europe. How do these summer shutdowns affect your talent transfers?



6 Tips: How to Win at Your Next Swedish Relocation Assignment

HR may have financial and logistical challenges when providing corporate relocation services to Sweden for employees. While the budget may be slim, there are many solutions to save money and still provide solid value to employees who are moving across borders. 

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What an HR Manager Needs to Know About Staff Immigration to Sweden

If you are a Global Mobility Manager and hoping for a successful transfer to Sweden, it’s good to have some solutions up your sleeve for common assimilation and inclusion challenges.

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Top 2 Questions Employers Ask About Swedish Immigration

We receive lots of questions about Swedish Immigration. The top 2 questions we get asked are: 

  1. Can my company proceed and hire a non-EU person who already has a permit to work in Sweden?
  2. What jobs can you perform on a business visa in Sweden?

Let’s dive into the answers. 

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Government Compliance

A quick rundown of permits for EU and non-EU citizens.

To work in Sweden you must have an approved work permit. Here is a brief summary. 

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Why Your Work Permit Holders Need a Residence Card Before Entry

It is widely known that all non-EU nationals need a work permit to enter and work in Sweden. BUT here's the glitch - not as widely known is how important it is for your new talent to get their Residence Permit Card before entering Sweden. Here’s what this means in plain English.

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Tips for Hiring a Corporate Relocation Services Company

Recently we received a ten-page guide on how to invoice a US company. This depicts reality for HR managers who have to consider many jurisdictions in bringing talent to Sweden. Some things can be done in-house, but many needs are difficult to anticipate because they contrast with how things are done in Sweden.



Is Your Global Mobility Policy Working for You or Against You?

How do you make sure of a win-win for your company and your employees when you are crafting or updating your global mobility policies? Ask yourself this important question: Is your global mobility policy working for you or against you?

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The Pros and Cons of In-House Relocation Services

Recruiting talent from abroad is becoming more and more common as corporate needs are changing faster than educational institutions can provide employees with needed skills. There are shortages in many skilled fields such IT, medicine and education. Sweden and Swedish companies are certainly widening their net to find these skills beyond the national borders. Here are the pros and cons of providing in-house relocation services – and some tools to help you do it effectively.

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What HR Needs to Know About the Swedish Rental Market

After 23 years of home-finding missions, lease processing, inspections, and move-ins, we have learned what Global Mobility Managers need to know to make the move a success. Here is a short, sweet, and practical guide to Swedish rental law and the housing market.

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What you should tell your transfer about renting in Stockholm

Most Swedes agree, finding accommodation in Stockholm can be challenging. The extremely regulated housing market and high demand for homes in Stockholm makes this task daunting. You are likely concerned about providing your expat with a comfortable, affordable new home on a timely schedule. Here are our tips on how to make this happen.



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Immigration for Same-Sex Partners to Sweden

Immigration laws can reveal differing values in countries around the world. Fortunately, Immigration Lawyers engaged in sending staff to Sweden will discover that immigration for same sex partners to Sweden is quite liberal. 

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What does the term family mean to the Swedish Migration Agency

In Sweden, we have a somewhat unusual view of who is considered a family member of a relocating employee. Here is a little insight into life, love, and immigration in Sweden.

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Employer brand


Why Your Employer Brand is so Important

One of the real bummers for HR professionals is laying off employees during economic downturns. The flipside is when the economy is going full force and it’s hard to fill skills gaps and retaining talent becomes an art of its own. Both scenarios have their special challenges but for HR managers and Global Mobility specialists, employer branding is an ongoing challenge regardless of a bull or a bear economy.

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Why Workplace Design is Key to Your Employer Brand

Workplace design is an important part of employer branding because it contributes to the vibe and culture of your company. The personality of a company is often first communicated to potential employees and customers by the big and small design details of the workplace space. These design details can attract or put off potential new hires.

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