BREXIT UPDATE- UK Nationals in Sweden

brexit: Brexit 30 January 2020- UK Nationals in Sweden

On January 29th, 2020 the EU Parliament overwhelmingly approved UK’s departure terms and brought an end to the four-year Brexit saga.

Here is our recap:

The UK will be the first country to leave the European Union. Their departure will be official on January 31 at 23:00 London time.

As stipulated by the Withdrawal Agreement UK nationals will continue to benefit the same rights and will be allowed to stay in Sweden after Brexit.

All UK nationals lawfully residing in Sweden, or any other EU country, from January 31, 2020 and up to the end of the implementation period on December 31, 2020 will be covered by the Withdrawal Agreement.

Implementation period


During the implementation period UK nationals and their family member’s rights will not change. They will have the same status as other EU nationals.

During this period all EU countries will set up a system in order to apply for a residence permit. Those that are interested to continue living in Sweden after December 31, 2020 will have to guarantee their rights in the country by applying for a residence permit. Applications should be submitted at the Migration Agency until June 30, 2021.

In the coming weeks Swedish Authorities will inform on the application process.

Posted Workers Directive/SWEA

The current legislation of registering all posted foreign workers that aren’t locally hired and work in Sweden for more than 5 days remains. SWEA doesn’t replace a work permit.

Local registrations

Foreign workers are fully taxable subjects after 6 months and before that SINK tax applies.

All nationals that expect to work and reside in Sweden for more than 6 months should register within 14 days upon arrival. In order to be granted a personal number and register in the population registry you will need to provide documents to the Tax Agency as proof that you will be in Sweden for longer than 12 months from the day you visit the Tax agency.

Employers must report all third-country national workers with a work permit to the tax authority no later than the 12th of the month after they have started working in Sweden.

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