Why Global Mobility Pros have the BEST job – the HR of course!

“We are the people – that move the people – that move the world” 


Companies that recruit people from the four corners in the world are not afraid of being a trailblazers, navigating through uncharted waters, and to welcome expats with extra needs. Most companies and countries need to find skills and talents from other parts of the world. This requires an extra effort both before, during and after the assignments. It also requires a great deal from the HR that welcomes the person to their company and world. 


What companies do to be attractive to skilled people from other countries? 

The have a few things in common and it’s usually; 

  • Innovation
  • Early adopters
  • Complex services as well as backoffice coding work 
  • Fast expansion
  • Unafraid

To work in such an environment also means that the people must have extraordinary skills to welcome them, to set up the company that is so innovative that these stars are a must to move forward. 

One of the very central roles is the Global Mobility HR Manager that organizes and oversees many parts of the expansion and welcoming of talents.

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Successful Global Mobility Managers, HR Business Partners, People & Culture and HR have some amazing traits that make them successful:

  • Holistic view on recruitment
  • Pragmatic 
  • Sees the whole picture
  • Good understanding of legal requirements
  • Agile
  • Not trapped in a policy instead being solutions oriented

This is why they are extraordinary and why they get extraordinary outcomes. It’s well worth noting that they have done a fantastic job during the pandemic. Working together to get amazing results is so inspiring for us, and to follow and contribute to the growth of these companies. We have had reason over the years to be very impressed by the HR contacts that we work with. 

Companies that thrive are usually very positive and exciting to work with

We learn things every day and the collaboration is excellent. Sometimes our clients struggle, and we learn from them at that time too. We have “been there, done that, bought the t-shirt” and can help with ideas to offset some of the difficulties.

Our jobs are full of learning and we love being part of their success. Our close relationship with the people that welcome the foreign talent helps us to be of service with products that our industry may not necessarily normally do. 

VIP Services is one of the programs that we are thrilled when we have the opportunity to offer. We see a clear correlation between input and output and the fewer obstacles a new co-worker has to battle themselves through the better they succeed at work. Also, we remember that many of their struggles lie not with finding housing, getting a personal number, or feeling at home is missing what they left behind. We are here to be their new comfort zone and network. Our aim is to make a difference for them. 


Nimmersion doesn’t change the world, but we change the world for some people. 
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