What You Should Tell Your Transfer About Renting in Stockholm

View of Stockholm: What you should tell your new hire about renting in StockholmMost Swede’s agree, finding accommodation in Stockholm can be challenging. The extremely regulated housing market and high demand for homes in Stockholm makes this task daunting. You are likely concerned about providing your expat with a new home on a timely schedule, that is comfortable and affordable. Here are our tips on how to make this happen.

Download our Stockholm housing guide. This regularly updated guide will share important facts and current rental prices for apartments in Stockholm and surrounding areas. Show this to your transferee so they understand the market in advance.

Review the Swedish home finding process with your transfer before you begin the search. Let them know the order of events that need to take place during this process. This will help them (and you) stay as calm as possible during an often stressful process.

Have a strategy for your search. Help your expat list out their top priorities for a home and advise that they will have to act fast once they find something that is acceptable, due to high demand for each property. Discuss their budget and show your transfer listings so they have an idea of what they can afford.

You will need to be in close communication with your transfer during this process. Let them know that, once an apartment is found, the lease will need to be signed immediately due to high demand. Every minute counts so be prepared to act fast.

Plan to sign the lease on your employee’s behalf; personal leases pay a premium. Companies with good brand names pay less.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime for assistance. We can help you set the rental budget even before you put together your offer letter. Our job is to keep rental levels down and we don’t receive anything from the landlord, nor do we add a layer and charge your employee for that.

Here is a short video on the How to handle housing queries from staff.

We have lots of other helpful short videos on relocation to Sweden at our YouTube station.

If you’re planning to bring foreign talent to Sweden, navigating an unfamiliar culture and immigration process can slow you down. Thankfully, Nimmersion’s Immigration Guide to Bringing Foreign Talent to Sweden is here to help. Let’s get your new talent down to business.


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