What I learned from being a client this fall. From YAY to Nay!

On the very first day of 2022, I’d like to reflect on quality what components translate well into each sector. 

I have recently had a large private project where I have had several companies contribute to the end result. This is a once-in-a-lifetime project and my knowledge about what should happen, what is needed, what is essential for a perfect outcome, and in what order these actions should take place is basically non-existent. That means that I’m fully dependent on the quality of the suppliers that I have engaged.

After having run an immigration & relocation company for close to 27 years I love being on the other side of the table because then I understand our clients better. They don’t know anything about immigration, permit types, timelines, or requirements for a work permit in Sweden. They depend fully on Nimmersion’s immigration specialists to take them through each step, keep them informed and be accountable. Answering questions before they are asked is part of being a great provider which as per our satisfaction survey results the immigration team passes with flying colors (98% satisfaction rates speaks for itself). 

If the companies that I have engaged sent me surveys the results would differ greatly between them. 

Let me explain. 

The main company that has done most of the work has been outstanding.

They have created my vision going from something vague to reality. 

They have gone out of their way to make the end result perfect. 

They have researched each step, if it was new to them, to find the best and most cost-effective result for me and to save them time. Which in the end also lowered my costs. 

They have a great and positive attitude so I get happy when I see an email or a call from them. They are proactive and have led me through the process in a timely fashion. 

They have acknowledged my lack of detailed knowledge and have presented options in a clear and simple way. 

They are responsive. 

They have gone out of their way over and over again, even meeting on a Saturday to get an important thing done. 
They worked on Christmas Eve to meet a deadline. 

They never had excuses only offered solutions. 

They have remained accountable and professional throughout the project. 

I’m left with feelings of gratitude and if they sent a survey to me they would have received 100% satisfaction rating. 

In stark contrast, another firm has been involved in portions of the work, instrumental, yet small part of the project. Let’s call them the tax consultants or accountants in our immigration world. It’s not the main thing, but it needs to get right and it needs to be done on time to others work can’t move forward. 

This is their work methodology; 

Assigning a junior person without any sense of structure to lead a project he wasn’t ready to take on. No managerial input or accountability. “I really don’t know” was a standard answer from the boss.  

Instead of focusing on a task and calling to discuss things while in the car required duplication of tasks since there was no documentation on what had been decided. 

When I contacted them there was never a reply, it was left to me to contact them again. To send reminders to a supplier should never have to happen.

They had many no-shows thereby slowing down others’ work. 

No heads-up if there were delays or why they happened. 
No roadmap was given and rude communication was the norm. 

As much as I love working with the first firm and the end result has been fantastic. It has also been a worry-free process for me as a client.

However, the other firm has also taught me valuable lessons. You can’t expect stellar service from all companies, nor can you know in advance what company will actually deliver greatness and what firm won’t. The cost of working with a low-quality provider apart from a shaky outcome is what it feels like to chase a provider that doesn’t deliver results or even basic etiquette around response times and timelines. A loss of positive energy is very costly and should be avoided. I’d happily pay considerably more for a more reliable and not least pleasant process. 

So to sum it up, a good supplier of any service, goods, or product really follows the same quality standards. These components result in good quality to me; 

1. Timely & proactive communication.

2. Explanations are given at the client’s level, not to show off your own expertise. Keep it simple and understandable. 

3. Be accountable for the end result, excuses are inexcusable.

4. Keep deadlines that are within your control, when a deadline isn’t met provide the client with an explanation and a new deadline if possible. 

5. Be friendly and accessible. 

Everyone makes mistakes. We try to own them, correct them and apologize. Most clients will forgive you if solutions are offered.  When a crisis happens, during Covid times there have been many with rapid changes with embassy’s closing or travel bans taking place, you will see great collaboration and everyone working towards the same goal for the benefit of the end client which has created a great team spirit. That is invaluable too for everyday wellbeing. 

Nimmersion often sends out a Work Permit Process Flow to describe what is needed and what to expect when applying for a permit. The Relocation team starts each case with neighborhood guides, rental heat map, and rental pricing to prepare clients for their move to Sweden. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking to relocate talents to Sweden in 2022! We promise to be like the first supplier and provide a smooth arrival for your new teammembers. 

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