What dogs know about immigration

What can we learn from dogs when combatting the virus. 

Dogs know a thing or two about immigration and virus prevention. Anyone that has traveled with a dog knows that you need some preparation before crossing borders.

The dog needs a clean bill of health and a number or shots before he can be issued with a passport. These days we have all heard of Covid-19 bracelets, travel papers or passports for people too. 

A dog has a travel bubble or travel corridor within Europe, much like we are now hearing of for humans. 

A dog must go into quarantine if he comes from a country outside the travel bubble. The difference is the quarantine is much longer than two weeks, but in most cases visits are allowed. 

A dog knows that international travel comes with a lot of preparations, heavy documentation, separation from loved ones all in the spirit of keeping diseases and virus at bay. 

A dog also know social distancing well. During a regular walk, smart and well behaved dogs, walk around one another keeping at a safe distance. Social distancing is natural unless they get a go-ahead to say hello. Many dogs have a variety of ailments and reasons why they are not allowed a closer greeting. Unwanted puppies, fleas and respiratory disease are the most common issues dogowners want to avoid.  

We can learn a lot from dogs. Patience, social distancing and safe travels. In addition they take us out for walks and keep us sane and healthy during the pandemic. 

Nimmersion aims to keep you happy and updated in this time where change is constant. 

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