Relocation: Save Time and Money During Your Expat’s Departure

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An efficient and cost-effective expat departure is our aim. A successful move out should start with a nitpicky move in. Your expat’s swift and efficient departure plan is often centered around the rental property so is helpful if the move-in process is thorough and organized, as this will make the departure that much easier.

HR teams find that it is hugely beneficial to hire an experienced company, like Nimmersion, to handle these details as there can be unexpected roadblocks that come up. We know how to prevent and handle these events appropriately. We are often asked to attend a move out if a new client company suspects that it will be a troubled handover. Perhaps the relationship between the tenant and the landlord has gone sour during the course of the tenancy. This is where the move in protocol is essential for both parties to lean on to ensure professional handling for all involved.

There are several tasks that need to be completed correctly as foreign experts depart Sweden.  These tasks prevent confusion, unexpected damage control, financial upcharges, and unnecessary stress. Often there are steps that need to go in chronological order, and if one process or task is overlooked, there is a risk that the rest of the links in the chain fail to be executed. An example of this is forgetting to sign a Notification of Move Abroad form for instance.

HR usually is involved with expat leases. This is because most leases need to be signed by the sponsoring company. That said, we offer guidance and support by being the go-between for the tenant, landlord and company. Our experience has enabled us to troubleshoot and prevent many potential costly problems that can arise.

Here are some things that need to be done for an efficient departure for expats leaving Sweden and the companies sponsoring them.


Note that some of these tasks and tips should be implemented at the start of the tenancy thus ensuring a smooth departure.

Home insurance policy:

Home insurance needs to be purchased by the tenant. If not purchased, it is a breach of contract. If something happens in or to the building or apartment, not having insurance could be risky, and highly impractical for all involved. For example, one of our clients had water damage in the apartment above him. The repair took 9-12 months to dry and rebuild. The landlord’s insurance paid for most of the repairs, but it did not cover the evacuation housing needed. This was the responsibility of the tenant’s insurance.

*HR TIP: Demand to see proof if the tenant’s insurance. If the lease is held in the company’s name, this will make life a lot easier if there are damages or evacuation is needed. It’s also there to stay compliant within the rental law.

Government Compliance:

The government needs to be notified of the conclusion of your new hire’s assignments. Notify the tax authority, population registry and other relevant authorities of the conclusion of the assignment in Sweden. Necessary paperwork for the employee’s signature needs to be completed.

Notify authorities that the work permit should be cancelled.

It is important to file work permit completion paperwork with the proper authorities. This needs to be done in the very particular manner that is laid out. Failure to do this properly can lead to future problems, additional costs, and can even prevent the person from moving to Sweden in the future.

Complete other basic move tasks like:

Mail Forwarding

Have the employee’s mail forwarded to the new address. It’s essential to do this before the move as it’s hard to administratively solve it after a person has left the country.

Electricity & Water Meter Reading

Order the final electricity bill and read the water meter at the day of the final property inspection.

Close Utility Accounts

Expedite the closing of relevant utility accounts such as cable TV, internet, insurance, etc. Sometimes there are long subscription periods that can be negotiated to be closed earlier thus saving money.

Move Management

Obtain quotes from moving companies, order a cleaning service, and double check the cleaning was completed properly.

Property Inspection & Key Transfer

A perfect handover includes all parties to be present and to do a joint walk through. That includes both the tenant and the landlord present. It is often helpful to have a 3rd party here at this event who can attend the inspection of the property after household goods and cleaning services have completed their tasks. If all parties are not present at the move-out it can cause very lengthy discussions afterwards. This tends to fall on the desk of HR.


HR TIP: To plan a move from Sweden well, a heads up is needed at least three months in advance for truly swift departure.

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