How to stay inspired

How do you stay relevant, motivated, in the know and inspired? Are you future proof or is that word yesteryear along with bullet-coffee?

Hand with marker writing the word Beautiful Minds Inspire Others

For me staying on top of my game requires a lot of thought and a lot of inspiring meetings, literature, courses, discussions and rest. Also, a lot of rest is needed so my brain can process the information so itäs actioned and implemented and doesn’t become transactional.

This year’s New Year reflection was also an opportunity to think 10x that with a new decade to look forward to. The overreaching goals and be broken down into actionable habits.

For me, just like many others, the overreaching goal is to grow and learn in the next ten years. To continue enjoying what I’m doing and stay relevant for our clients while really enjoying the ride. Also, developing new skills and hobbies is on that list.

Since this is Linked in let’s talk about professional inspiration. Diets, gyms, eating habits and yay or nay to coffee can be discussed elsewhere, if at all…

First and foremost the obvious everyday inspiration is my colleagues. The ones that have their ears to the ground, the ones that pick up new things and give me the pieces of a large puzzle called Swedish immigration, compliance and relocation reality.

Also from other industries. Learning from being a customer is a great way to see what works when using hotels, retail or our suppliers is always running in the back of my mind. I write down inspirational services that can be translated into our industry and I also try to be a good client and educate myself on how our suppliers functioning. There is a great deal of inspiration to be found there.

With my trade partners and colleagues, I get best practices, celebrations, and commiserations and a lot of knowledge sharing which is fantastic. Of course, there is also excellent business intelligence yielded and I belong to some think tanks where a more philosophical and futuristic approach is discussed.

Competitors, good ones, can be great to share knowledge with that enhance the trade and practice that we all operate in. A local trade organization can foster collaboration and an ethical environment that is in our control. After all, we have known each other for many years and will have a lot in common for many years to come.

Business group memberships are key for professional development, but very topic-specific and also entrepreneurial groups add value to staying relevant and to update knowledge.

Having a mentor is essential. I have been taking part in a mentor program for the last 2,5 years and received a lot of coaching, training and accountability sessions. It has been great to lift my horizons beyond everyday tasks.

Then there are my business friends – aren’t they the best? The ones you want to go on vacation with and can talk with for hours both on business and pleasure. The ones that hold your back when times are tough and the ones that truly celebrate with you when things are great!

Seminars, we make a point of going to seminars and especially local conferences. Short meetings will give more than it takes. Something very small can produce great results.

IRL is the new Black! Meeting and talking to people offline as well as online creates connections and while chitchatting some great ideas can pop up.

We work with very busy HR and to truly understand them and their jobs listening to podcasts is a great way to glean insights into their situation. It inspires us to help them better and to know their focus and their KPIs.

Productivity hacks is an area where I spend time pretty often to shave off hours/minutes and sometimes even seconds. Not all these hacks are great which is why each time I text the letter D the word Dogwalk? pops up on my phone… that wasn’t the intention.

Mindset – stop thinking you are busy and there are few real emergencies. Really, are we heart surgeons? If you are, please hurry but for the rest of us, why not just mellow out. Less stress leads to efficiency since calm moves faster and is more accurate. No damage control needed!

Collaboration is the key though a lot of my inspiration comes from introverted actions such as meditation, reading, and writing, although interactions with other people is where the unexpected happens. This is where the Medici effect occurs, in the crossroads.

Sharing resources. The best thing ever is when someone sends a reading list or podcasts that they have loved or tips for recurring conferences where they learn that is the embryo to an ongoing conversation that can go on for years. I just sent an email to someone I had a great book conversation with at a trade conference 15 years ago. Anyone who can share book suggestions with me will be remembered forever.

TedTalks and Netflix are also great contributors to inspirational thoughts. At the gym, I bike far distances while watching Chefs Table which depicts these amazing star chefs that reveal a lot of inspiration, so much that sometimes I have to get off the bike and write it down. Speaking of movement I get my best ideas on the ski trail.

How do you stay in the know and do you worry about being futureproofed in case of a recession sets in? What is your secret sauce to having fun, staying motivated and on top of your game?

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