How to Prioritize Global Mobility Cost Cutting

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If you are a HR professional who plans and implements global mobility programs, you may feel pressure to cut costs wherever you can. This is a smart task to undertake, but let’s look at some areas where investment may be needed because short-term cost savings could be costly over the long run..


We recommend that you not cut back in the area of compliance. The do-it-yourself approach to immigration is usually fraught with problems and potential legal issues. Not being in compliance can lead to heavy fines, work permit bans, project deadlines not being met, in some cases, possible jail time, and most importantly a delayed start date for your key people.

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Housing Assistance

There can be huge challenges in getting the housing deposit back, many times because the arrival / check in were not managed correctly. Often when this happens, no one can prove the state of the property at the time of the check in. This turns into a “he said, she said” scenario and the departure can drag on forever, costing a fortune in terms of time and energy.

In addition, acquiring housing can be very stressful, and in some cases, money is wasted when it is not done systematically. It is usually smart to have your relocation company assist with housing. In Sweden, landlords want corporate leases and will always opt for that over a personal lease. Therefore, if this is not explained upfront to the landlord, very often the assignee risks losing a property they have fallen in love with when the owner discovers it’s a personal contract!

It is important to know what your company should do to keep things moving quickly and cost effectively on the housing front. You can learn more in our Top 7 Reasons Your Employee Can’t find a Place to Live in Sweden. Our relocation experts can help you every step of the way if you are looking for support.

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Support for Your New Hire & Their Family

Mobility programs that are too slim and don’t adequately address the settling-in issues of the spouse/partner/family often end up causing irritation and stress because the individuals don’t feel supported. What can be seen as a cost-effective program can have very expensive negative consequences when valuable company talent resigns feeling unsupported during their assignment. It is equally important to offer support to both your new hire and their family. If the family is not happy things can go downhill fast. Many transfers have failed due to unhappy spouses and families.  

We advise that you plan ahead as much as you can. The best option is to have at least 3-6 months to plan so you can save money and avoid start-date delays due to hold ups from the Swedish Migration Agency and other unforeseen challenges. When relocation is rushed, costs increase, the employee may not find the best home and school for their children, and much more stress will be involved.

If you have more time at the front end of the relocation, your relocation firm will be able to work most effectively for you. Also, remember that families need to plan around the school year and the placement. It is vital to control the aspects of your global mobility program that you can by working with professionals when needed, and by investing and spending wisely throughout the process.

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