10 Ways to make the most of a downturn in business!

Currently, for a variety of reasons we see a downturn in movement which obviously greatly affects the relocation industry.

We see Coronavirus related travel bans, project start dates delayed, employees being put in quarantines or asked to work from home, and of course, with school closures, families wait until it’s safe to travel.

We are the people that move the people that move the world!

Along with the airline industry, our trade is all about movement. It’s a wonderful job to have since immigration and relocation never sleep! However, right now it’s fair to say that it’s napping.

I founded Nimmersion while Sweden was in a deep recession in 1995. It was a great foundation for prudent fiscal management and shying away from wasting resources frankly by sheer necessity and we still remain cost-conscious.

Writing on both sides of a piece of paper was just part of what we did along with SPD (spar på disk), “Save the dishes” so we used one cup a day – some people took that a bit too far. In any event, it had us well-prepared for the downturn in 2008 since we were in great shape to use it productively. After 2019’s 40% turnover increase, we had already dedicated 2020 to be the Year of Structure.

Replicating 2008 we will use this year to work toward;

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  1. Identifying and streamlining processes and to apply automation wherever possible. Doing an administrative clutter buster to reduce unnecessary internal admin.
  2. Increasing operational efficiency and review our technical solutions and upgrading where needed and of courfes utilising what we already have better. “Skip work arounds instead of learning the systems properly!
  3. We anticipate that Nimmersion’s quality model will bring more clients but that they have lower volumes.  Since there is no room for mistakes companies will become more risk-averse and more conscientious when choosing a service partner. 
  4. Dig deep into global mobility to see where we can improve or invent products and services that will be needed in the future.
  5. Have more time for clients, colleagues, friends, and family
  6. Dedicate more time exercise, reading, and learning
  7. Learn more about technology communication tools that will reduce the need for travel
  8. Deepen the relationships with our partners and suppliers
  9. Meeting market demands for smaller programs at lower costs.
  10. A downturn is usually followed by a strong recovery so make wise investments now to reap the benefits later.

To have highs and lows is perfectly normal in both nature and in business, all we need to do is enjoy the different seasons. If you want to learn more about bringing staff to Sweden here is a good place to start!

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