Work Permits in Sweden – All You Need to Know as an Employer and Employee

Are you an employer and have employees who are thinking about getting work permits in Sweden? Or perhaps you would just like to know more about Swedish work permits, how they work or job seeking visa applications? Whatever the case is, to make things easier for you, we here at Nimmersion have created a short guide for you.

The Guide to Work Permits in Sweden

Lately some firms have had to make the painful decision to reduce staff. The good news is that we see many talented employees finding other work opportunities within a very short amount of time. The talent shortage is evident. It’s also very valuable for local Swedish companies that can hire people that are already in Sweden. 

This brings about great opportunities for talent acquisition teams, HR, and project teams. Namely, to actually meet a new prospective colleague live before starting to work together. It is often possible to hire a person that is already in Sweden on a permit. However, as an employer, you must make sure you and your new employee remain compliant.

Nimmersion’s Immigration Team can help you.

So, what do you need to know as an employer if you have employees that are leaving your company? And what does a new employer need to know in order to hire safely? 

Things The Employers Should Do

  • The employer must deregister any work permits that are pending with the Migration Agency or current permits for all individuals that are leaving or have already left the company. 
  • Pay salary throughout the notification period and keep all insurances up to date.
  • Give a complete packet of the insurance coverage and a reference for the next employer to review.
  • Provide an employment certificate stating the dates of employment and insurance certificates.

What Employees Can Do

  • Work permit holders that have a work permit valid for longer than 6 months can stay in Sweden for 90 days after the last day of employment to look for new job opportunities. It’s important to note that the permit must still be VALID in order to stay. 
  • There is a new Job Seeking visa. You can apply for it if you need a longer time to search for jobs. You can read more about the application here.

What New Employers Need To Know

It’s your legal responsibility to check the current work permit and make sure to address any employment change compliantly. It can be complex and Nimmersion can help you. The added benefit is that we often have the history related to the individual. 

  • Work permit holders in their first 24 months of employment in Sweden must apply for a new work permit if they find new employment. 
  • Work Permit holders in their second work permit period (24-48 months) can change employers with no more than the Tax Report of Foreign hire being in place if they have the EXACT same role. However, if there’s a role change, then a new application will be needed. Please note that the extension application after 24 months must be approved before an employee can be considered as being in the second permit period.
  • Permanent Residency holders are free to stay and work for any employer. 
  • If an employee is working on a dependent visa, he/she may stay in the country as long as their permit is valid (i.e., the main applicant still has a valid permit in Sweden).

Do You Have Any Questions About Work Permits in Sweden for Your Employees?

If you need help or guidance regarding work permits for your employees in Sweden, you’re more than welcome to reach out to us here and describe your situation. We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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