Top 2 Questions Employers Ask About Swedish Immigration

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We receive lots of questions about Swedish Immigration. The top 2 questions we get asked are: 

  1. Can my company proceed and hire a non-EU person who already has a permit to work in Sweden? 

  2. What jobs can you perform on a business visa in Sweden?

Let’s start with the first question.

Can my company proceed and hire a non-EU person who already has a permit to work in Sweden?

Yes, your company can proceed and hire a non-EU person already on a work permit in Sweden. That said, remember that all work permit requirements from both employer and employee must have been fulfilled throughout the entire previous permit periods.

Some other points (but not all) to remember about obtaining a Swedish work permit….

  • The rules depend on the role and how long the person has worked within the country in regards to whether they need a new VISA or not.
  • When applying, don’t forget to mention in the application if the employee has been in the country on a business visa when interviewing. If the employee has been in the country on a Business Visa when interviewing it is essential to add an exit stamp to the application.
  • Know if your transferee has an employment history in Sweden and document this properly. A previous work history, not properly documented, can be a show stopper for an approval, despite no fault of the applicant.
  • Make sure the salary is set correctly. You can get your application for a work permit to Sweden rejected if the salary is too low – as deemed by the unions.

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The second big question that we hear a lot is:
What ”jobs” can you perform on a business visa in Sweden?      

A Business Visa is intended for business travellers and is not to be confused with the requirements of a Work Permit. Business visas will allow attendance at meetings, conferences, trainings etc., but do not allow a person to come to Sweden to perform ”work”.

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