Professional Relocation and Immigration Services to Sweden

This guide is created for HR professionals and recruiters managing relocation and immigration matters to Sweden. It provides a comprehensive overview of Swedish customs and traditions, as well as practical advice to facilitate the integration of foreign talent. Downloading this guide will offer invaluable information to ensure a smooth transition and a happy life in Sweden.

What the guide includes:

  • Daily Life and Culture: Learn about Swedish customs, traditions, and how to navigate everyday life in Sweden.
  • Work Culture and Laws: Gain insights into Swedish labor laws, work culture, and employment conditions.
  • Housing: Tips on finding and securing housing in a competitive market.
  • Healthcare: Understand how the Swedish healthcare system works and what services are available to you.
  • Education and Family Life: Information on family benefits, schooling, and childcare.

Download the guide now to get all the tools you need to help your employees or candidates succeed in their move to Sweden or contact us directly.

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