A Year in Sweden: A Guide for Employers and Mobile Talent

Immerse your talent in Sweden’s vibrant culture with our comprehensive guide. From seasonal activities to local traditions, this guide is designed to help HR professionals and talent acquisition specialists support their employees’ relocation and integration smoothly.

Key highlights from the guide:

  • Seasonal Activities: Explore Sweden’s diverse landscapes through skiing, skating, and foraging, suitable for every time of the year.
  • Cultural Traditions: Discover local festivities such as Midsummer, Vasaloppet, and traditional Swedish holidays.
  • Local Cuisine: Learn about Sweden’s culinary delights, from semla pastries to Christmas buffets.
  • Practical Tips: Understand the legal rights, public access laws, and necessary preparations for a comfortable stay in Sweden.
  • Events and Festivals: Enjoy major events like the Eurovision Song Contest and Almedalsveckan, immersing in Swedish culture.

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