You Only Need To Do These 3 Things to Achieve Success

Happy relaxed young woman sitting at computer: Do these 3 things for success


You Have Come Too Far Not to Be Successful

You didn’t move here to not be a success. To be successful, to really own your job and get the outcomes you want, you need to enjoy what you do.

True, a fun job usually requires teamwork and internal processes that are enabling rather than obstacles to success; you can’t always control how your colleagues behave or the workplace structures that exist, but you can control your attitude to what you encounter.

Any Job Can Be Enjoyable

Starting a new job with unfamiliar colleagues can be daunting. You might be having to start at the bottom, or learning new systems from the ground up when you know you are capable of more. Don’t let it frustrate you.

Even the most boring job imaginable can be enjoyable if you want it to be. Be the master of your own destiny so you can improve your work style by implementing these three hacks:

One: Take a close look at your attitude:

If you decide to love your job soon you will. Start your day with an affirmation to boost your morale.

  • This is going to be a great day at work
  • Today I will make a difference at work

Start your day thinking in positive terms and ban negative thought patterns.  It will be so much easier to have a great day at work. Fake it until you make it unless you already like what you do.

Two: Work with mindfulness:

Set some time aside to think through what you are going to do today and set up a plan along with anticipated time needed to complete the tasks.

Be mindful when you do things. Sometimes, when we are busy we respond too quickly to an email forgetting to address all the questions in it, for example. It is irritating to the recipient who will have to follow up to ask a second time. There is a lot of merit in getting things done completely in one go.

Returning to old tasks over and over again putting in a little bit each time is a giant time-waster.  It is poor time management and you run the risk of getting overwhelmed.

The busier you are the more important it is to take time out to improve your time management skills. Every day that passes without you looking to find your winning formula is a waste and gets you one day closer to burn out.

Three: Stop talking and start acting: 

I’m often surprised at how much people talk about how much they have to do instead of actually doing it.

Unless discussing it is part of the actual ‘doing’ keep that part small. It is important to manage expectations, but telling colleagues about minutiae at each small step of the way not only takes away from your focus, it may also reduce their interest in your project and confidence in your ability.


Wednesday’s Mojo Will Keep You Winning

Each week in the Motivational Mojo course we share Wednesday’s Winning Formulas with you, to keep you out of a rut, and achieve success with minimal input. You do have to make some changes in your approach to work that grow over time in order to achieve this. As with anything, there is no free lunch, but with a little bit of effort the rewards can be plentiful.

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