Why doing your own work permit application can be a big mistake

Putting together and sending in your own work permit application is not uncommon among those seeking to relocate to Sweden. However, here at Nimmersion, we believe it can be a big mistake, and that you’d be better off letting professionals with the expertise required take care of it. We’ll go through it and explain why.

Relocating to Sweden is easier with professional help

Nimmersion has been trusted by the Swedish Migration Agency to have applications being handled urgently when the corporate clients we represent, fulfil specific requirements. In return, we have committed to providing impeccable applications and at all time maintain a high quality in the work we deliver to alleviate the workload of the Swedish Migration Agency. This is known as the fast track.

However, a client company can only benefit from the fast track if the application has been created by us. This is to safeguard that the application is 100% accurate and all questions have been answered beforehand, clarifications have been done, and all documents are readable and relevant. 

In the case of an applicant sending in their documents on their own, it’s not uncommon that certain details are missing, which unfortunately can lead to a full rejection of the application. This can be utmost annoying, stressful and leave a feeling of uncertainty and fear in the applicant.

The downsides of sending in work permit applications on your own

  1. The fast track is a benefit extended to our clients only when we register their applications. The “home-made” application is a much longer process that often takes several months – typically 6-9 or longer than the fast-track option, depending on the VISA type.
  2. If the application is incomplete, the case officers will reach out and ask more questions. This is a very time and resource consuming option and can result in several more months of waiting before a verdict is given. 
  3. Unfortunately there’s no way to step in and speed up the process after an application has been filed by the individual applicant or a company themselves. Not even by a certified partner to the Migration Agency, like Nimmersion. 

Is there anything you can do after the application has already been sent in? 

If the expiration date for a current permit isn’t due yet, we at Nimmersion can cancel the ongoing application, and we can in that situation start again – do it over and do it right. 

If the date for renewal has already passed, we can help and evaluate the application. By revaluate information we can prevent it from getting held during an unnecessarily long period of time, or even fully denied during the final process. Being asked for additional information can be a lengthy procedure, and there’s often a long and tedious wait to get hold of a handler over the phone. In short, it’s better to do it right the first time. 

Getting a Swedish work permit application right can be harder than you think

How hard can it be? It can be easy to believe that it’s just about sending a few pieces of information to The Swedish Migration Agency and – especially at a renewal – that they would already have everything. The truth is, even if you choose to let Nimmersion help you individually, or as a client company, you can be assured that your application will be handled thoroughly. You can make sure that all information will be submitted correctly.

Depending on your preferences, you can hand over the full responsibility to us at Nimmersion, or you can be part of every step of the way while we’re doing the job. If you have any questions or concerns regarding immigration please contact us. We can help you with your work permit application and make your relocation to Sweden become much easier. You will find all our details on our contact page.

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