Why Global Mobility People have the BEST job? The expats of course!

“We are the people, that move the people, that move the world” 

What is an expat?

They are the talented people that move across the border, conquer language barriers, leave family and friends behind along with everything that is within their comfort zone. This is why they are extraordinary. 

Finding, attracting, recruiting, and welcoming these amazing people is pure pleasure for all of us that have a part in the success of their moves. Some pieces of the puzzle are easier than others, but nonetheless, the opportunity to meet such stars is fabulous. 

Global citizens are who they are with their skills and personas and for them, the change is just geographic. The scenery is different, but what they bring to the table is the same. They move around based on the unique and sought-after skills that they can share with those that stay in the same place. The identity is based on location, but rather on humanity. 

You will often find that expats are incredibly involved in their communities, the international schools have vibrant parent groups that most often, at least in Sweden, are far more active and contribute to the school. Talents often have a high focus on education. 

Expats are sought after, companies around the globe are searching for talents and they can usually pick and choose where they plant themselves. Not only do companies strive to get the best talent, but many countries around the world also do too, excellent examples are Ireland, Canada, Singapore, and Germany. So the talent that moves to another country to work has been courted by many companies when they move. 

Expats are brave!

Leaving everything and everyone behind is brave. Anyone that dares to broaden their horizons by moving to another country is gutsy. 

Expats like to learn and most often get proficient in the language at the host location. Not seldom do their children switch from international to local schools after a couple of years.

Expats are usually helpful and like to contribute, they are outgoing which is why they qualified for a job in another country. More is demanded from them and more is given. One of the first questions they ask is how and where to volunteer. 

Expats are curious and want to learn more about the world. They explore Sweden from top to bottom to get to know their new home country. 

Expats are happy in their relationships. Due to immigration regulations, we have had reason to pop many champagne bottles to celebrate that an assignee has “popped the question” and that the couple arrives as newlyweds!

Expats are genuinely interested in their jobs. So much in fact that they will leave everything behind. Passionate people are fun to be around and excellent to work with. Expats often have fast careers in Sweden and work hard to contribute. 

An extraordinary amount of ex-pats around the world successfully start companies. Having moved abroad to make a new place in their home has prepared them for risk-taking and being open to new connections and ideas. Countries are lucky to have them. 

Expats have the luxury not to get too involved in local politics and instead enjoy deeper thoughts and enjoyable pastimes. That is certainly a mood booster!

Expats contribute immensely to the place they move too and there are amazing examples around the globe. 

So Global Mobility professionals have the pleasure to constantly surround themselves with these amazing human beings. The takeaway is that the enthusiasm, curiosity, and innovative spirits rub off on the Global Mobility people which makes them a total pleasure to work with regardless of whether they are in your own company, country, or region, or beyond. 

Even an expat with all these incredible characteristics can be overwhelmed by a move to a new country. In Sweden, it’s a new language, totally different social codes, and battling a home search in a market with a long-term housing shortage and not least deal with Swedish Government Authorities – which to put it mildly it’s not the same if you are not a local.  And just like around the world, relocation professionals smoothens the arrival so that talents can have a smooth transition and want to stay for a long time. Caring employers provide this to be nice and of course to safeguard that the investment in finding and moving this uniquely talented individual is cared for so it turns into a long-term relationship. 

Lastly, expats expect a lot from life and that motivates us to get better every day. Our Professional Inspiration Program that all of our clients get without charge was a labor of love to create and aims to demystify Sweden in order to help them hit the ground running. We do it for the expat, the employer, and our country. Feel free to request access to ex-pats that you bring into Sweden to allow them too to benefit from the preparation before the move.

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