Which Work Permit Type is appropriate in Sweden?

What permit is the easiest, fastest, and most flexible permit for our employee? Is there a fast track to a work permit in Sweden? These kinds of questions are some of the most common questions we get during the course of a normal week. Let’s see if we can answer them.

What permit is the easiest, fastest, and most flexible permit for our employee? Is there a fast track to a work permit in Sweden? These kinds of questions are some of the most common questions we get during the course of a normal week. Let’s see if we can answer them.

How Sweden differs when it comes to immigration requirements

Most countries have many visa options to fit different talents and situations. In my view, the coolest visa of them all is the American O visa geared for especially talented people. Not seldom are they Nobel Prize winners or even very creative people. I imagine that it’s a real honor, and a reason to be just a little smug, to be rewarded with such a visa. 

Sweden has fewer options than many other countries and is less focused on looking for only the Best & the Brightest talents to move here – the BnB in the immigration world. 

So, what makes Sweden stand out from most countries?

  • You don’t require a university degree, but relevant work experience is important
  • There isn’t a public list of professions where there’s a skills gap
  • There is no official minimum wage although to obtain a work permit you require an income of at least 13 000 SEK/month. That level is far below the threshold for work permits. The salaries are well documented and must be on par with local employees to be acceptable to the agency.

What are the determining factors for what kind of Swedish visa can be appropriate? 

  • The employer is locally established in Sweden 
  • The employer is outside Sweden and is sending a consultant to a client in Sweden
  • Another possibility is that the employer is sent out from the home country to a daughter company while maintaining the employment status in the home country
  • The duration of the project is less than 90 days
  • The duration of the project is more than 6 months
  • The project lasts longer than several years and the position is permanent
  • A previous employer has not lived up to the employment terms
  • The applicant works for himself or herself
  • The applicant is traveling in and out of Sweden for a long period of time, without having it as a primary residence
  • It involves an applicant who is a full-time student working on the side or who wants to find a job after completing the coursework. 
  • The applicant is dependent on a visa today and wants to have his own work permit

How the fast track to a work permit in Sweden changed the immigration process

There are many nuances that may determine what work permit type is most suitable for an individual. The Swedish Migration Agency offers a fast track to companies like Nimmersion and well-established companies that have a good history in Sweden can also benefit from the faster application processes. Given this possibility, the Migration Agency expects companies to be precise with the permit durations and that the start and end dates are honored as per the permit granted. 

Way back, before they introduced the Fast Track many companies would apply for the maximum duration available, which was and still is 24 months. That way there was a possibility to stay on if a project was delayed and to allow the applicant to travel within the region even if the first permit had expired and the new one was handed in. These days, when the application process is shorter and more business-friendly the agency wants the dates to be precise. Anyone that has been part of a project has experienced delays, both with the start and finish dates and unless the start is timely (a four-month window is allowed), the permit needs to be canceled and a new one sought for a more appropriate time period. 

Short-term visas are also sensitive to changes since they aren’t easily renewed without causing a gap in the work being done. In some instances, they may stay in the country, but they are not able to work so that is something to consider when choosing that visa type. 

All in all, to be able to advise properly about the best options available and the pros and cons, one needs to dive deep into the individual’s circumstances. Immigration is never a general question; it always goes deeper. 

The Swedish immigration process will be different for everyone

A guiding light in immigration is “to start with the end in mind”. We have seen time and time again that people that move to Sweden with their job simply love it here. They often become much-appreciated co-workers. The value they add is noticeable. As a result, employers very often want them to stay part of the team long term.

The EU Blue Card is popular around Europe and especially in Germany. However, it offers little of what they initially envisioned. Its purpose was to mirror the US Green Card that allows work in all states. It is possible to start with an EU Blue Card and apply for a regular work permit or the opposite depending on the needs.

My own family is an example. We moved for a three-year contract to upstate New York and my parents returned 27 years later. They are not unique, ex-pats around the world settle nicely, and most stay longer than expected. To make that happen, the initial setup is crucial. It must be perfect to make a long-term stay possible. 

Finding the perfect solution for someone is part of the detective work and puzzle we lay out every day. Some people have many options while others have a limited possibility of staying in Sweden. There’s a Swedish saying; “there’s a lid for each casserole” which loosely translated means there’s a solution for everyone. We just have to find it!

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