Virus - White Word on Red Puzzles:TRAVEL BAN DUE TO COVID-19 ALERTNEWS ALERT 1. TRAVEL BAN MARCH 19th – APRIL 17th, 2020 in Europe

This is subject to change and was issued March 23rd, 2020

We are living in times of uncertainty with a virus development which is unknown and legislation that is being communicated and implemented on very short notice. That is where we can help to keep you informed so you can make decisions for your business.

Please note that we don’t always get consistent information from the authorities, this travel ban is one example of this where we got different information last week. This will keep happening which is also why we keep checking and re-validating the information given by the agencies. Therefore the information may not be given as fast as we would like and changes can come very quickly.


On March 19th until April 17th Sweden implemented the recommended travel restrictions recommended by the EU Commissions. It is related to travel from countries outside the EU and Schengen.

Depending on the type of VISA a person holds, different scenarios apply that we are outlining below. Our focus here is on whether they can come safely to Sweden while intra EU and Schengen travel is permitted at this time given the little movement that is possible in the region.


May come back from traveling abroad, i.e. everyone has the opportunity to return to their home in Sweden.


May leave and enter Sweden as long as they have already registered as residents in Sweden.


If a person has received a work permit approval, but not yet moved to and registered as a resident in Sweden, they may not enter Sweden. The purpose is to contain the virus. As soon as the restrictions are lifted they may legally enter and start working in Sweden. Medical professionals may enter and start working even on a new work permit..


It’s mandatory to start work within 4 months of the permit’s start date. While we have liaised with the Migration Agency to see whether there will be COVID-19 exceptions the answer is thus far no. Hence, if a person doesn’t report to work within four months then the permit should be canceled and the person should reapply for a permit that corresponds to the actual period.

DEPENDENTS/Family members

Have the same rights to travel as the principal working permit holder.


Will not be allowed entry at this time.

Authorities will consider the situation for persons that overstay visas and are from countries that won’t allow their own nationals to return home. It may be possible to avoid being banned from Schengen afterwards in such cases. Notable is that there may be tax implications if short term work is continued.



We recommend that you book a re-bookable airline ticket to Sweden for your FIRST TIME employees starting from April 18th. We will inform you in case of extended limitations or restrictions as soon as we get them.


Even work permit holders from countries where Sweden doesn’t require a Schengen / entry visa are recommended to do the biometrics in the home country so they can show the Residence card at the border. To date it’s not mandatory, although it’s very difficult to get appointments to provide biometrics in Sweden. That can delay the possibility of registering residency locally and hence be part of the Swedish Public Welfare Insurance scheme, Försäkringskassan, which allows medical care which may be good to have these days.


This is a time where it may be difficult to anticipate the actual start date which also means committing to a lease before knowing that travel is possible. Depending on the relocation in program provision may need to be made and short term housing may be available. Please in case of questions.

As always, we are here to help you navigate around this landscape. Please turn to us with your questions and we will help you. We all have to be patient with the authorities that are doing their best to keep us all safe.

Yours sincerely,

Nimmersion Team

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