The Importance of Getting Lost as an Expat in Sweden

Snow-covered-road-sweden: The importance of getting lost as an expat in Sweden


Take a Detour and Find Something Amazing

There are no two ways about it. While adjusting to life as an expat in Sweden, getting to know your new job, in a new town: you’re going to get lost. Embrace it!

When I am out driving I often try to get lost. Yes, you read that correctly. Your first thought may be “What a weirdo, why would anyone do that? In the constant quest for better time management, this makes NO sense.

Getting Lost Can Be Productive

Yet, the detour is actually a productivity hack. The aimless driving allows me to explore unknown areas, find new routes and see new things. I gain new knowledge. How often have you heard, “We took another route and we found this amazing ….” More often than not, I benefit from something I found on my journey soon thereafter.

How To Carry This Theory Through to Your Work:

Translated into office work this would be the same as digging deeper into an area than needed. Another is reading off-topic articles and books. You will always find new angles and inspiration from reading.

One thing leads to another. Paul Arden the best-selling author of “It’s not how Good you are, it’s how Good you want to be” writes on how important it is to make mistakes and to go off topic every so often. As he mentions;

‘Failures and false starts are a precondition of success’

So true, he is not alone in advocating trying, failing and making mistakes as an integral part of success. Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison are both quoted along similar lines.

Try to Learn for at Least One Hour Each Day

With that in mind, the “5-hour rule” reading and learning for at least one hour during your work day is crucial for success. It is an investment in the future, to be precise, your future.

Find Your Place to Shine

At work DIG DEEPER, find out as much as there is about a topic. Ask questions, research, dig some more make sure to be the “go to” person in the office on at least one topic. Want to really make it? Pick the hardest topic, where others have failed, and where the lazy won’t crowd up your space. Go where you can shine and keep going.

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