Focus & Self-leadership when moving to Sweden


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So, you have decided to start a new work life abroad, a year has many beginnings and I want to make sure yours is a huge success!

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What is Mojo All About?

The Nimmersion’s Mojo Motivational 4-week course stems from our productivity lab. I want to share some of our findings and experiments relating to time management and personal productivity. Productivity that even on a personal level can be scalable has been a real game changer for me and something that I believe can help recent arrivals adapt more easily to their new work/life routine.

Each person has to figure out their own Winning Formula for international assignment success, but I’m happy to share our journey, life-hack tech tools, and findings.

Dive into Mojo for a daily dose of Scandinavian inspiration!

We have introduced this program before & you can read more here

Step 1: Self leadership is more important

After the Covid-19 many people have found themselves in a new workmode. Many have to work from home fully or partially. That means new demands on your self leadership. 

Step 2: Focus on one thing at a time 

Working from home places even higher demands on your work standards. 

That’s where our Mojo email series comes in with tips, tools and tricks to ensure your daily life in your new home goes according to plan!

Step 3: Know when to ask questions

Find out who t go to and try to have frequent updates if you don’t meet your colleagues daily. 


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While I have spent a great deal of time tweaking the Mojo email series for relocating professionals I have drawn from a lot from clever people. I have read many books, articles and YouTube is my go to for tutorials.

Signing-up to this bite-size coaching program can bring you something, if you only do one or two things it is a start on getting the most from your new start. So pick and choose, knock yourself out and become the best you that you can be!

If you have any cool hacks or methods that you want to share or ask us to test, and by all means let us know!

I’d love to hear from you.

PS You will never win if you never begin!


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