How Top CEO’S Start Their Day: 3 Simple tips for Expat Success



people group jogging: How top CEOS start their day

You will be shocked at how simple these tips are! Most of us wish to be more productive. All jobs require the ability to get things done quickly and efficiently. Whether your are an Human Resource Executive or an expat working in a new country, you will benefit from these simple tips we learned while researching how super successful people plan their mornings. These simple tips for expat success are great for anyone who wants to thrive in life.

1. Exercise

Successful people have learned that exercise can contribute to greatly to their success. More than 80% of the people we researched did some sort of exercise on a regular basis. Many studies have uncovered that exercise promotes increased brain health, and actually increases the size of the hippocampus .  The successful CEOs and company superstars we researched did a variety of exercise in the morning: swimming, cycling, jogging, dancing and various forms of aerobics. According to a Success Magazine article, Tim Draper, founding partner of legendary Venture Capital firm DFJ gets up and plays basketball every morning! We suggest you pick a sport you will enjoy and get started!

 2. Meditation

In a Business Insider article, Dollar Shave Exec Michael Dubin shares how he credits meditation for much of his daily success.“ The benefits of meditation are unparalleled. Regular meditation has been found to improve brain function, reduce stress and anxiety, increase creativity, lower blood pressure, and gain clarity. It helps me perform at my best, which is a promise I’ve made to the 130 employees that come to work for me every day.

Meditation is another practice that heals and improves brain function over time, thus contributing to the success business CEOs and successful entrepreneurs.  

3. Take Stock of the Day

All of the successful people we researched were fanatics about their schedules. They take stock of their day first thing in the morning and stick to a strict schedule in order to get as much as possible done each day. They use all sorts of tools to stay organized and on point. We recommend the several of these tools in our free 4 week email program, Motivational Mojo. We have loaded this email course with tons of tips for expat success and career growth.

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These are simple tips right?  Well, suprisingly….there is no magic pill for success.  Each and every successful person we researched illustrated again and again that good, simple, habits done over time are the secret sauce to success.  You might also enjoy our blog You Only Need to Do These 3 Things to Achieve Success

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