Global Mobility professionals – Keep Calm & Carry On in spite of COVID-19

It may seem counterintuitive to continue with recruitment and planning for the moves of new talent in spite of the very volatile COVID-19.

Yet, that is exactly why the opposite is the best way forward.

A knee jerk reaction to a recession is often to come to a grinding halt and stop doing anything. Firms will inevitably be advised to cut costs, shrink office space, fire people, and reduce investments. Why not aim to cut cost by operational efficiency instead of reducing headcount. Reducing operational cost is one side of the coin, the other is to know what to invest in. That is often where you will find both survival and success factors.

So what to do?

Focus on the work done and follow it through to completion or go as far as you can until you must cancel.

  • Focus on growth.
  • Forus on opportunities.
  • Focus on developing new things and by all means continue on the path you are already on.
  • Make sure you’re able to rise to customer demand when the market recovers.

Working both harder and smarter is free, pooling resources and cooperating with competitors are positive ways forward.

Short term priorities are important, but the long term goals are vital. So knowing what to do during the slow down will keep a company in the prime position when the market turns around. Running at a steady pace all along will allow you to respond quickly when opportunity arises.

Keep Calm and Keep Going!

This saying has a lot of merit. Don’t waste what you have already done, use it instead. Reuse, recycle, repurpose.

Global Mobility Recruitment is typically time sensitive. Finding, approaching, recruiting and closing a deal with foreign talent that is sorely needed takes time. A lot of time. The COVID-19 will ebb out and business will go back to normal. To be ready to act quickly when travel bans are lifted everything that can be completed, should be done now. So with a press of a button the remaining work can be activated and concluded to get the person here with a work permit and a place to live within weeks.


  • Skills gaps still need to be closed.
  • Projects need people.
  • Product launches are still necessary and you can get a lot more attention if your competitors are focusing on survival rather than innovation.

To be able to seize all the opportunities the wheels must be turning.

Operations that have come to a sharp stop is very hard to get up and running again.

Operational Efficiency

Most of our clients have been working remotely for some time already and are well prepared to do so. This is low hanging fruit and will enable the teams to expand with new talent soon.

We are obsessed with efficiency and it took us through the 2008 recession and other tough times as well. We have put together a Motivational Mojo program which is for personal efficiency. Now we will turn up the gas and hope you will too!

PS. We just got this inspirational information from a client. I love it!

Old Habits - New Habits signpost with forest background


In XX we do our best not to halt or delay production and projects. We therefore expect ordered products and services to be delivered on time, but should a risk of delay occur it is of utmost importance that you as a supplier communicate such immediately.


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