Global Mobility: A wish list for talents moving to Sweden


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After 25 years in the immigration and relocation industry, I have certainly had the opportunity to think about what the ideal welcome would be for talents moving to Sweden. Having rolled with the punches with HR, and worked through many changes in the law practice, I decided to make a WISH LIST for things that can make the expat arrival experience wonderful.

My personal wish is that everyone helps out to form A Fantastic Welcome Experience and opens their arms to the talents who bring Sweden forward. This will help our companies succeed, teach us new things, bring us new technologies, introduce new science, teach us new processes, and open us up to new attitudes. There are so many of us in Sweden who will benefit from the inclusion and opportunity to work with foreign talent. I think that we can all be part of making a positive difference for our expats and Sweden’s society at large.

Let’s start! Here are my wishes so expats can have a great experience:


I WISH that:


Immigration practices should be up to date to answer the needs of today. This includes: VISAs for giggers, project-based work, and an ability to provide flexibility in work styles and schedules. Immigration Specialists, like ourselves, should be able to present suitable permits for different talent needs.

The gig economy should be open and easy to handle from a compliance perspective, including tax and reporting to government agencies.

The Economic Employer Directive should be as easily understood by an 18-year-old gigger as the HR department at a conglomerate with operations all over the world

We would benefit from civic registration done swiftly to allow talent to get all the practical matters squared away in the first couple of days and move on to things more valuable than admin.


We all want a balanced market with an abundance of beautiful and affordable housing available upon arrival. Also ideal would be a rental law that is made for the users and not an attempt to regulate a dysfunctional market.

It would be wonderful if there were more landlords willing to sign personal leases, instead of carrying out auctions to see who will pay the highest rent.


Sweden would benefit from great public transport that allows people to live in the entire country and accessible climate-friendly travel to mainland Europe at a speed that is reasonable.


It is great that more companies are joining those already conscious about their Employer Brand. Our wish is to make socially conscious companies a part of the Swedish corporate DNA, and thereby allow these philosophies to filter through each decision made regarding foreign talent care.

Every day we push for full support for talents arriving in Sweden, hoping to ensure a perfect welcome, and support thereafter.

The process would be helped if housing leases could be signed by corporations on behalf of the new hires.

Talents would be helped immensely if their salaries could match the housing market and the cost of living.

Companies should nurture happy team members and provide a supportive atmosphere.


I wish for many things for Sweden including:

  • Immediate access to tennis courts, daycare, cool restaurants, medical specialists and fewer lines for bread stores or night clubs, and no waitlisting for things.
  • A little bit more sun and more parking spaces.
  • A super warm welcome by the Swedish society for the talent that comes here and contributes so much to our wellbeing and day to day enjoyment!

We can all help to promote a positive lifestyle for foreign hires, starting with lawmakers, tax agencies, companies, co-workers and neighbors! Let’s all chip in and welcome our foreign hires.

One contribution we have created here at Nimmersion is a fun, complimentary Successful Expat program called Professional Inspiration. You can read more about here it and do feel free to gift it to an Expat that you think can enjoy it. We are proud of this online product and we want as many expats as possible to access it.

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