Differentiating your employer brand: How a relocation agency can help attract international talent

The job market has faced many challenges in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, demographics with aging populations in all of Europe, but also skill shortages, are some factors that have resulted in difficulties when it comes to recruiting new staff. One option to help fill the gaps has been to turn to the global labor market, as talented individuals have been ready to relocate for work opportunities in a new country.

A relocation agency like Nimmersion helps Swedish companies differentiate their employer brands, in order to attract top international talent. By offering various types of support and services during the relocation process, a company can demonstrate its commitment, which makes it an attractive employer in a competitive job market to appeal to the best candidates. Such support constitutes a good investment, successful employment, and the ability to live well in the new country. The sooner the new employee settles in, the sooner they can start working and performing in their new workplace.

In addition, savvy job seekers also consider the relocation package as a measure of an employer’s quality, factoring it into their decision-making process when choosing a new job. Offering a well-rounded relocation package is an inexpensive yet effective way to attract talented individuals.

What is a relocation package?

To facilitate the relocation process for a new employee, companies can offer a relocation package. This can be both in relation to moving within a country and also moving between different countries. If the move takes place within a country, the employer may be responsible simply for the moving costs. For international relocations, the needs are usually more extensive and can include help with work permits and visas, housing, language courses, cultural integration, as well as jobs and schools for accompanying partners or children. A relocation agency can offer package solutions with several services connected to the moving process, but also by offering individual services to help with one or more parts of the process.

Different types of relocation packages

Companies can put together a relocation package in many different ways. Some companies provide their new employees with a lump sum to be used at their discretion. Others offer more organized moving assistance using a relocation agency. For international recruitment, the latter option is recommended, as it gives the employee a greater sense of security and a superior experience.

Relocation packages can be designed in different ways, and there may be a variety of services for the newly hired expat to choose from. The bundled programs can easily be tailored to different needs. A relocation package can also be a more structured concept, where several services and forms of support are included, to provide the best possible conditions for success in both the new workplace and the new country.

Contents of a relocation package

To make a relocation package attractive, help with work permits should be included. Work permit rules may vary depending on whether the new employee is an EU citizen or not. EU citizens have the right to live and work in Sweden. However, after 90 days, a job offer from a Swedish company is required.

Citizens of countries outside the EU must have a work and residence permit to live and work in Sweden. Permits are granted by the Swedish Migration Agency (Migrationsverket). In order for an application to be successful, it must be completed correctly and submitted on time. Using immigration experts that have years of filing perfect and complete applications makes the process faster. There are many changes underway in Sweden in relation to the timelines for work permits, etc. Nimmersion was the first company in Sweden to become a certified partner of the Swedish Migration Agency already in 2011 and has helped clients with permits since 1995; they are well positioned to help. A relocation agency can also be of assistance with ICT permits, visas, and accompanying partners’ work and residence permits.

Help with work permits and visas should always be included in a relocation package. To make the package more attractive, companies should consider including other support and services as well. The more comprehensive a relocation package is, the more attractive it will be. This, in turn, will help increase the chances of recruiting the best talent from the international job market.

What benefits can a relocation package include? 

  • Accommodation
    Aside from work permits and visas, housing is the most important part of a relocation package. A relocation agency can help find a home to rent or buy based on the allocated budget, needs, and local housing market conditions. If there is a need for temporary accommodation, a relocation agency can also help with that. The relocation agency should also navigate around the many scams in the market.
  • Settling in services

    To ensure a smooth transition to daily life in a new country, many factors need to be taken care of. How does a Swedish social security number work? How do you open a bank account? What insurance do you have to take out? What does the Swedish healthcare system look like? Can I bring a pet? These are some areas where a relocation agency can be of great help.

  • Support for accompanying family members

    In cases where an expat arrives with a partner and children, it’s important that the family members also receive help and support in the new country. This includes job opportunities for the partner, and nursery, preschool, and school for any children. All families have different needs; therefore, the relocation agency will always try to adapt its services to give the whole family the best possible start.

  • Local Orientation and cultural integration

    This can include everything from a tour of the neighborhood, information about parking facilities, public transport, local amenities, leisure facilities, and the provision of language courses. A relocation agency can also offer help in finding a suitable place of worship, explaining traditional food, local holidays, and much more.

Attract top international talent with a professional relocation package 

Companies and organizations who want to attract and retain the best talent should preferably offer a comprehensive relocation package. Doing so is a valuable investment for the company when it comes to being a competitive employer in the global recruitment market.

The right relocation agency will work with your company to put together and implement a relocation program that meets the company’s requirements while providing the new employee with a smooth and safe move. By prioritizing a comprehensive relocation package, your company will be able to attract and recruit the most talented candidates. Such a policy creates goodwill and shows that the company is willing to invest in its employees. In return, the company gets a loyal and committed employee, with the best conditions secured for their performance in the new country.

Nimmersion was founded in 1995, and our competent team offers a full range of immigration and relocation services. With provided expertise and resources, we can achieve the best possible adaptation to the new country and new workplace. We offer both integrated and standalone services to cater to different needs. Whether an individual is relocating alone or as a family with children, we have solutions for both. We are part of a global network and are happy to assist in welcoming new employees from all over the world!

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