Christmas Dinner in Sweden


Two champagne glasses: Christmas dinner in Sweden


Christmas Dinner in Sweden 

Swedes appreciate gourmet food and festive meals. Christmas is no exception.  Swedes are crazy for their Christmas dinners. Restaurants across Sweden will often offer fabulous Christmas dinner buffets, called “Julbord,” as early as November. These restaurants generally offer a gigantic smorgasbord of dishes associated with Christmas in Sweden,. This is a great way to explore Sweden’s culinary tradition around the holiday without having to figure out complicated recipes yourself. Here are some examples of renowned restaurants who offer world-class Julbord seating, and wherever you may go, you are well advised to make your reservations well ahead of time as they all tend to sell out:


Grand Hotel

A world famous event in a luxurious environment at one of Sweden’s best hotel and dining areas. Grand Hotel’s Julbord offers all the traditional Swedish Christmas dishes. Here is the link to learn more and make your reservations:


M/S Vindhem

For those of you who would like to explore a Christmas dinner at sea, M/S Vindhem offers it’s julbord onboard while cruising around the beautiful Stockholm archipelago. Inspired by the salty sea, M/S Vindhem also serves up some less traditional dishes such as smoked shrimp, skagen salad, and a plethora of desserts for the sweet tooth. For tickets and more details:




For those of you who would like a Christmas dinner that’s a little less heavy on the meaty protein, Hermans at Södermalm offers a vegetarian Christmas buffet with a beautiful view over Stockholm. Hermans is famous for their large variety of vegetarian, ecological and vegan food, and their Christmas dinner buffet is guaranteed to live up to its standard with an all-you-can-eat buffet including salads, hot dishes, homemade bread and vegan desserts. Here is the link to their website:


We hope that no matter where you eat for Christmas dinner, that your holiday celebrations are filled with happiness, good friends and lots of laughs.

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