A word from Nimmersion’s New Managing Director

Johanna Lennartson, Managing Director at Nimmersion! 

I feel very honored to take on the responsibility as the Managing Director at Nimmersion AB.

Starting this new role made me think about how I got here and also how I want to proceed from here. I think it’s a couple of things that got me here.

First of all, I’m thinking about my grandmother. I remember I got a card from her every summer when finishing a year of school. The card said “Hard work pays off” and there was some money attached to it. When I became a teenager I thought it was a bit silly, but now when I look back I can see that she’s definitely right. Hard work does pay off.

Another thing is that I grew up on a horse farm. That taught me that you cannot ignore certain things, they have to be done. No matter if you’re tired, sick or rather do something else. The animals would suffer if we wouldn’t take care of them the right way and when they needed us to. The same applies today to our clients.

The third thing is my University education in Service management. Those years really made me understand how important excellent service is for some businesses, not least the Global mobility industry where we handle people in a fragile time of their lives moving between countries. 

So, how do I want to proceed from here?

I’m really proud of the team we have today. How we’re all willing to walk that extra mile for our clients. Our surveys from our clients are outstanding and I will definitely continue to thrive for Customer excellence. I genuinely care about our clients and their families. I’m thrilled that they’ve chosen Sweden as their next home. It has never been about being the largest company on the market or getting the most files. We love what we do and we want our clients to have an amazing experience with us. We want them to feel that we really do care about them and what they’re going through. 

I’m also amazed by all the great Swedish companies we get to work with and their Talent acquisition teams that find fantastic people around the globe that want to jump on board and be a part of making these companies, and Sweden, better.

We are the people that move the people that move the world.

That’s so true and I’m happy to be part of that group of people! It’s so exciting to see those companies expand to other countries and be part of that journey by working together with our partners worldwide. It’s wonderful to have partners in almost all countries. That teaches you a lot about different cultures and laws but also that the industry is not so different after all no matter where you’re based. I think it’s really amazing people in this industry. You can tell they care about people and are willing to do what it takes for their clients. No matter what position you’re in at the company. I’m so grateful for our partnership and friendship.  

I also want to be a good role model for my children.

I want to be there for them growing up but I also want them to develop into strong independent women understanding the value of hard work. They’re amazing children and I have to say we don’t have to have that many rules around the house but if there’s anything my children know would really upset me it’s if they would treat a person differently due to the way they look, the way they dress, who they love, their occupation or their skin color.

Be kind, always!

That’s something that’s really important to me and that I think reflects not only in my personal life but also in my professional life.

I’m so excited for what the future holds for us and for being a part of our client’s relocation to Sweden. I don’t think it’s been one day during those 14 years working at Nimmersion that I’ve been bored or didn’t learn something new. I’m looking forward to many more years.

Lastly, I want to thank the founder of Nimmersion, Lena Rekdal, for believing in me and mentoring me from the very start. You’re a true inspiration.

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