4 Reasons Why Swedish Companies Should Employ More Foreign Experts

Earth planet on white background with pencil sketches: 4 reasons why Swedish companies should employ more foreign experts Sweden is a highly regarded work destination for many workers world wide, which offers benefits to tout when you explore hiring outside our borders.

  • Forbes has ranked Sweden #4 in Best Countries for Business report.
  • Sweden offers an extremely innovative work culture. Scoring #3 in the world in the 2018 Global Innovation Index, Sweden is a largely corruption-free economy, with direct access to new products and high tech resources.
  • Workers have strong rights, equality between sexes, generous leave and many opportunities for growth within companies due to Sweden’s flat office structure.

We have a lot to offer foreign recruits and much to sell about Sweden if you are thinking about bringing in foreign talent to accelerate company growth and stability in today’s global economy. It’s a win-win for both sides. Beyond specific talent needs, let’s look at what’s in it for you and your company.

World Wide Connections Help Global Growth

Connections matter in the business sector, and foreign experts are key elements in this link. Companies who want to extend their reach to other countries enjoy the benefits of multinational employees who can offer new insights and contacts in non-Swedish cultures.

Swedish companies come to know the global market and its demands more intimately when they employ a global workforce. Employing and relocating foreign experts to Sweden can facilitate and highlight the steps needed for increased growth in the international markets in a truly authentic and consistently evolving manner.


Sweden Needs to Fill Skills Gaps

Ronald M. Allen of Managing Change, LLC says “At the organizational level, selecting talent from the global pool is like harvesting fruit from a tree. You have to know where to harvest the right skills from the right fields. It’s about picking the perfect fruit that will ensure the optimum experience while gaining the maximum value.”

Sweden needs more skilled workers. Many Swedish companies are unable to find talent to fill their skills gaps. According to the Hays Global Skills Index, Sweden’s employers have big challenges finding the right people to fill their positions. Sweden’s tech sector is booming but many companies are still struggling to hire skilled software engineers. Spotify founder Daniel Ek aired his frustration in the past with the New York Times arguing that red tape and housing shortages were part of the problem. They still are. However, we are hopeful that the need for workers will push the changes to be made to provide expats with the homes and work visas they need in a timely manner so they can contribute to the Swedish economy and push Swedish companies to their optimum potential.


Enhanced Corporate Culture

Diversity can enhance a corporate culture and infuse problem solving with creativity. Workers trained in different countries can bring problem solving perspectives that are new and “outside the box” to the table. Foreign experts are rarely threatened by obsolescence when new technology changes the method of production. As workers, most expats are more flexible than average and tend to enjoy learning new skills consistently. They are open to growing their expertise when given the opportunity. Employee diversity is said to improve morale in a business, which leads to an increase in productivity and employee retention rates.


Greater Options to Choose From

Due to the huge number of foreign experts searching for job offers, Swedish companies benefit from increased and more varied CV’s to review if searches are extended outside of Sweden. HR managers can better select their perfect fit for a position from more and diversified options. This can enable HR to have a more varied team with a wider array of skills which ultimately contributes to the company’s advancement.

Once you decide to hire internationally, make sure you approach your global hiring goals with a comprehensive plan in place and clear expectations for your new hires. You many enjoy our post on 11 Important Trends We are Seeing in Global HR

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