4 Ways To Work Well With Difficult People When Starting a New Job in Sweden

 Starting your new job in Sweden is exciting and hopefully very rewarding.  Even in the best of jobs you may come across some difficult people who are a challenge to work with. Here we outline some tips for you just incase you are working with someone who is a challenging coworker. 

Four Tips You Have To Remember About Difficult People

1. Go Beyond Assumption and Try to Translate the Message

The workplace is multicultural today and people have different ways of expressing themselves, sometimes coming off as rude. However, if you strip away the negative tone, you might see a good point is being made, the person may just be used to expressing themselves according to how they were raised.

2. Decipher Where This Negativity Coming From

A person may seem to be negative, but where is this coming from? If you can decipher where this negative energy is coming from it will be much easier to deal with. This could have stemmed from something that happened at home, or they’re just venting about some frustration.

3. Smile and Remain Detached

Whenever a co-workers goes off on a negative tirade, just smile and don’t say anything. Remain detached from the story and don’t get involved; leaving the room if possible. Some negative people are only trying to get a reaction from you, and they feed on this negativity. Remind yourself “it’s a shame this person is so unhappy, and maybe some of my positive energy can rub off on them.”

4. Tell them to Share a Positive Experience

If you happen to be drawn into a conversation where a person is very negative, reverse the roles and ask them to tell you something positive that happened to them. Sometimes people don’t realize that they’ve become negative and by reversing the situation will result in a positive outcome.

Final Thoughts

We understand that moving to a new place might be difficult for those who come from a different country and culture. For many, it will be a shock, but knowing what to expect ahead of time will make everything easier, and with NIM.MERSION, we help make your transition as smooth as possible.  For more informative reading on your new job success try reading our blog 3 Super Easy Workday Tweaks for A Better Life in Sweden.

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