3 Tips for HR Success that Experts Agree on

Business woman facing camera: 3 Tips for HR Success

The experts agree. HR Managers now have the ability and the opportunity to craft a unique and powerful role within their organization like never before. We see a future for you that is full of exciting possibilities. 

“HR is not only at the table but in the engine room of every organization,” 
Anna Tavis

Agile firms need to be able to work across boundaries, bringing together teams of people from across the world,” says Dr Linda Holbeche, international consultant, developer and author in the fields of HR, leadership, strategy and change. “As globalization and technology influence our day to day lives more and more, we are seeing an increased need for flexibility and creative thinking “outside the box” in corporations. This shift is imperative in order to keep a competitive edge, and utilize employee skills to their fullest. 

HR’s Value is Increasing

3 Tips for HR Success

Technology, globalization, increased productivity needs, and the virtual workforce are redefining HR’s value and role in their company. Everyone needs HR’s input because you know more about what can push the company forward and more about every aspect of the company than most. Due to these global and technological advancements, HR needs to constantly hone their skills as well in order to stay on top of what their organization needs to grow.

It goes without saying that, as an HR Manager, it is important to consistently evolve. Follow your interests and passions within your job description. There are many places that HR can be promoted to in a company whether it be Compensation & Benefits or Supply Chain Management among some of the options.

If you want to move upwards in your career, all the above aside, we agree with our mentor and Global mobility expert Beverly Mayhew. Beverly has worked closely with HR teams for over 37 years and, in her work with HR, she has seen three consistent keys to HR success. Below we will expand on her 3 thoughts on the secret sauce to HR success and you can also view her video interview below as well.

Beverly’s recommendation to HR who wish to advance their career is as follows:

  1. Have a clear vision of what you want to do.
  2. Create a Strong Team Around You
  3. Pick Someone to Step Into Your Role So You Can Move on

 Have a Clear Vision of What You Want to Do

It is important to know what your end career goal is. Where do you want to be in 2 years, 5 years and 10 years? Knowing the answers to these questions is crucial. Write out exactly what the small steps you need to take to get to each of your bigger goals. This will ensure that your path is attainable.

Have a Strong Team Around You 

Aside from being more enjoyable, having a strong team around you promotes better communication, productivity, trust, and efficiency. The benefits for the company can include: better customer service, increased productivity, lower turnover, greater possibility for creative and unique idea creation, and more flexibility for the company to switch goals and directions. Overall, you will be better equipped to move on to your next role if your team is ready and capable to carry on after your have helped them to reach your goals. This will pave the way for your career advancement.

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 Pick Someone to Step Into Your Role So You Can Move on

You have spent a lot of time moving your company forward. If you wish to have your goals realized after you leave, it is a good idea to groom your successor from within over time. Knowing your position can be filled successfully allows for higher ups to feel more comfortable promoting you.

Here is a video of our interview with Global mobility expert, Beverly Meyhew.

To recap. We think that you, as HR, are in the perfect place for career advancement. Your position is becoming one of the most influential among global corporations and there is lots of room for you to grow. Set your sights high.

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