10 Ways to Win at Your New Job in Sweden

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You have just hired the employee that your company has needed for months. The immigration details are worked out and the start day is coming up. Here are some tips you could share with your new talent to get off to the best possible start.  They will most likely be thankful for any advice and encouragement you can give them.

Tips for success for your new hire could include the following:

  • Get to know your position and the organization: You are in a totally new environment, one that you are not used to. The first days at work can be challenging and confusing. Therefore, it would be wise for you to get a head start and familiarize yourself with your work and surroundings.
  • Know your role: What does your new employer really expect of you? In any organization, there are different departments with different people playing different parts. For this reason, find out what your role is and stick to it.
  • Be yourself: Do not at any one point strive to be someone you are not. Be comfortable with your own unique personality. Chances are that you were hired because of your unique set of skills and experiences.
  • Be friendly: In any new environment, the last thing you will want to do is be at loggerheads with other people. Therefore, befriend other workers as they will help you get around and adapt.
  • Look out for opportunities for quick wins: Such opportunities will help you make an impact that is visible and which will impress your employers.
  • Make mistakes: Learning comes from making mistakes. Do not be afraid to fail again and again, because it is through mistakes that you will experience and gain wisdom.
  • Ask questions: Ask to be directed, guided and corrected. True growth comes from being open to guidance and correction.
  • Set your goals: Keeping track of your own progress is essential. While at it, keep in mind things like time management.
  • Be positive: Start each day at your new work with a positive mind. You will be amazed what it will help you achieve.
  • Finally, quickly identify and ditch what’s not working: Your strategy at the new job should be informed by what you’ve learned about the company’s culture and the needs of your new boss – not what you’re already good at.

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