Leisure is an important part of feeling at home, especially when you’re in a new country. That’s why we love giving area orientations! We have so much to show you.

There really is something for everyone in Sweden.

Work Life Balance is Important in Sweden

Work life balance is important to Swedes. We place a high value on having time for leisure.

Yes, we have cold, dark winters - but we’re rewarded with round the clock light in the summer. That means many hours of leisure time!

We Love to Help Expats Enjoy Their Leisure Time in Sweden

Sweden has four distinct seasons. That means you can experience new activities such as skiing, crosscountry skating in the archipelago, and moose hunting.

If you’re an urbanite, there’s a lot for you too.

You’ll find many foodies in Sweden. You’ll also find many award winning restaurants and chefs, food markets and cooking classes.

Swedes love to take classes, so why not join them? You’ll find many classes in English.

Are you into fitness? How about trying a boot camp in the woods, or yoga in a spa-like atmosphere? You’ll find that and everything in between.

Many world renowned artists appear in Sweden. People love that tickets are often more available than in London and New York - this is especially true for classical music.

Of course there’s no shortage of nightlife. The trendy clubs are on par with the best in the world and promise a memorable experience. You’ll just need to get used to blue skies when you head home at 3:00 am in the summer months!

Sweden is very family friendly. With 480 days of parental leave, you’ll find plenty of activities for families. Children are welcome everywhere. In fact, there are only a few places where strollers are left outside. Parents love the baby cinema which caters to families with babies and young children. They show movies with dimmed lights in a kid friendly atmosphere - perfect for parents with nursing infants.

We encourage you to make this a fantastic time of your life! We love offering our ideas and opening the doors for new adventures.

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