To work in Sweden you must have an approved work permit..

Non-EU Citizens

All nationalities outside of the EEA are categorized as third nationality citizens and require a work permit (Arbetstillstånd) to reside and work in Sweden.

EU Citizens

EEA Nationalities are required to register locally to work in Sweden. The immigration advisor assigned to you by your company will assist and advise you on what supporting documentation you require to be fully registered.


A dependent is granted the right to reside in Sweden based upon your status.

When submitting your application you must include all details of the dependents that will be relocating with you.

If you are an EU citizen, and your spouse/partner is Non-EU, they will need to go through the Migration Agency to obtain a residence permit.

If you are Non-EU, and your spouse/partner is an EU citizen, they will still need to register through your application with the Migration Agency.



Nationals that require visas to travel to Sweden need to apply for their biometric residence card with the Swedish Embassy closest to the home country after the work permit has been approved and before they arrive in Sweden.

Nationals not requiring a Visa may enter and complete the biometric residence card process in Sweden.

"Important Notes"

  • All documents submitted must be in English or Swedish. If you have an international document the translations are usually already incorporated. Documents submitted in other languages are not advised as it will slow down the application process

  • Ensure that your passport has at least 6 months remaining to travel on

  • If you are not married to your partner you must submit proof of living together


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